IT areas are responsible for managing the cloud, but the task can be so big that they need the right partner to take advantage of these technologies.  More and more organizations have started it´s trail to Digital transformation.  Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, CloudHesive knows that companies can no longer ask if they need to
Through an app, an intelligent cash register and a bank account, it is possible to digitize the resources that enter any company that has this service. The securities transportation company, Brink’s will be presented at the 7th Digital America Latinamerican Congres of Business & Technology 2022 with an innovative solution that seeks to provide automatic
  • red 5G
The company’s mission is to enable its customers to operate their own 5G networks, with full security and integration of the network technology into their existing infrastructure.  XIUS, a leading mobile and network technology company, is excited to unveil the Enterprise Private 5G Network Solution at 7th American Digital Liatinamerican Congress of Business & Technology
Through Microsoft tools, this company provides specialized and customized consulting services for businesses, so that they can achieve the digital transformation that these times demand. Businesses require a specific and customized application to grow, but they also need a prepared and trained team to use that application, and guarantee the continuity of the business. Therefore,
  • Datto
When a data loss of critical information occurs, it always brings to light the deficiencies and/or shortcomings of our backup solution; this forces us to reevaluate our architecture and look for a solution that really responds to our needs. When you prioritize having a reliable backup solution, all the historical and critical information of the
  • Grupo Tawa
In the last two decades, technological tools have transformed the work of human resources areas, which seek to maintain that human approach in the midst of so many innovations. Technology definitely has changed our lives and, above all, how it has restated the way people work. For the better? Well, from an administrative point of
  • lenguaje-learnship
Exhibiting at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, Learnship officially enters the Latin American market, following its acquisition of corporate training company GlobalEnglish! In June 2022, the name GlobalEnglish disappeared entirely to become Learnship – a global player offering new services to improve international language skills and intercultural communication
With 52 years of innovation experience, AMD is a key player in processors and graphics card manufacturing, offering a portfolio of solutions ranging from end-user needs to enterprise-grade technology. In this sense, AMD has been able to make the most of this momentum, and project it into a future in which it hopes to continue
  • sermaluc tecnologías
The history of Sermaluc´s trajectory is almost 30 years old, and we have more than 200 collaborators and currently have operations in Chile and Peru.  We know that the world is moving by leaps and bounds towards digital, which is why Sermaluc intends to be an important player in the coming years.  Under this digital
Inmetrics is a leading company in Latin America dedicated to Software Quality Engineering, being exponents in Digital Product Development, Cloud and DevOps. With a team of more than 1,000 professionals and offices in Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, they have added more than 25 million hours of experience in technology projects during their