• Through an app, an intelligent cash register and a bank account, it is possible to digitize the resources that enter any company that has this service.

The securities transportation company, Brink’s will be presented at the 7th Digital America Latinamerican Congres of Business & Technology 2022 with an innovative solution that seeks to provide automatic liquidity to low, medium, and high net-worth businesses.

Brink’s Complete is a reliable service that includes an intelligent cash box in the back room of the customer’s premises to deposit the cash collected during the day, which is automatically deposited in the bank account of the company or business, digitizing in less than 24 hours the cash from the day’s sales.

To carry out this process, it is necessary to deposit the money in the smart box, which has a bar code reader, and enter the amount of cash in an envelope using the 24Seven application, developed by Brink’s. 

This allows managing the money deposited and digitized in the smart box from any computer or smartphone 24 hours a day.

The money deposited in the cash box is subsequently withdrawn by the company with the same security standards that characterize all of Brink’s services.

A live demonstration of the Brink’s Complete system will take place at the congress, led by Juan Astete, comercial director, who will be accompanied by the commercial manager, Pamela Reutter, to carry out this dynamic.

The purpose of this solution is to facilitate cash management, provide liquidity and save the customer the trouble of going to the bank and to carry out the conventional cash withdrawal service, avoiding any inconvenience that may come up along the way.

Brink’s Complete has been operating for more than a year in the northern hemisphere and during 2021 it arrived in Chile as an easy, safe, and more economical way to manage cash. 

“In other countries we have had very successful results. This solution has allowed customers to reduce costs by providing a solution to easily, quickly, and securely digitize the cash collected before the end of the day”.

Juan Astete, Commercial Director of Brink’s Chile

The company also highlights the impact that this service would have on business liquidity and, above all, on the safety of its employees.

“We are sure that this solution developed by Brink’s for commerce and small and medium-sized companies will be a contribution in Chile as it is not only a solution that will help manage cash, but also contributes to expedite the management of the business and eliminates the risk of employees as they will no longer have to go out on the street to make deposits to the Bank.”

Juan Astete, Commercial Director of Brink’s Chile

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