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  • In the last two decades, technological tools have transformed the work of human resources areas, which seek to maintain that human approach in the midst of so many innovations.

Technology definitely has changed our lives and, above all, how it has restated the way people work.

For the better? Well, from an administrative point of view, any one can  deny it. 

Julio Arrieta Gisbert, managing partner at Grupo Tawa Chile, will explain how companies are struggling to achieve a balance with the use of new technological tools in the conference About how technology set us free… or not!

The objective is to understand the importance of not losing the human aspect in the processes, while applying and taking advantage of technologies that take companies, and human resources areas, a step ahead in their operations.

The change has been spectacular. Gone are the days when we used to do processes by hand, from recruiting, interviewing, appraisals, tracking hours worked, and even paying payroll.

As time passed by, database systems like Excel and others appeared to save our lives and today, the entire process mentioned above can be managed quickly and without difficulties from a cell phone.

So why complain?

In a business like ours, which is based on people and focuses on Human Resources, the key is knowing people. 

Only by having contact with them and knowing how to match them with clients, it is possible to become the provision of personalized services such as hunting, transitory services, operational selection, outsourcing and more. 

For more than two decades, contact was the basis of everything. 

From our side, we knew the candidates and workers perfectly. For their part, the closeness made them feel committed to the company that welcomed them and to us. 

We saw each other every week, we talked, we discussed how things were going in the company, we made predictions about the next football game, in short, we created a bond. And this, precisely, is what is missing.

Today you can employ a person almost without knowing them, except for a telephone interview or through WhatsApp. And we are thankful for this, because it is the reason why we were able to tiptoe through the pandemic.

Our challenge now is to achieve that lost commitment, that pride of belonging, but that… is another story.

About Tawa Group

We are a corporate group present in Peru and Chile, with a solid professional and financial background. For more than 15 years, we have been committed to offering comprehensive solutions that make it easier for our clients to focus on what they do best.

From our companies: Tawa, ROM and Limtek, we are a group of experts supporting experts. We provide solutions in People, Process Outsourcing, Cleaning, Maintenance and Comercial Management.

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