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Leading the digital future with cutting-edge technology: Seguridad América present at Congress 2024

Seguridad América, a leading company in cybersecurity and digital transformation, is ready to leave its mark at 9th America Digital Latin America Congress of Business & Technology 2024.

With more than a decade of experience, Seguridad América has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to digital security and protection, and continuously adapting in an evolving environment.

Thorugh 11 years in the sector, Seguridad América has built a reputation as a pioneer in cybersecurity and business transformation.

At booth A61 at the America Digital 2024 Congress Expo, the company will seek to consolidate its position as the undisputed leader in digital protection.

There you can learn about its proactive approach to address current and future challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

Continuous Improvement: The basis of Seguridad America

The company has distinguished itself for its commitment to continuous innovation.

For this event, the company will present a wide portfolio of solutions and services that reflects a proactive approach for addressing current and future challenges in cybersecurity.

From emerging threats’ protection to efficient incident response, Seguridad America is raising the bar to enhance digital protection.

Together with GlobalSign, Apryse and TeamViewer

Seguridad America is proud to collaborate with GlobalSign Europe’s first Certification Authority, leader in SSL and PKI; Apryse, the largest code library on PDF generation and TeamViewer, the most important remote access software.

In América Digital 2024, this strategic partnership strengthens Seguridad América’s commitment to excel in digital protection and business transformation, offering in-depth cutting-edge solutions for the security needs of its clients.

Highlights of Seguridad América and its Partners

1. GlobalSign: as the leading provider of online security solutions, specializing in SSL/ TLS digital certificates, code signing and two-factor authentication, it offers reliable and easy-to-implement services to protect online identity and data.

2. Apryse: It is known as the leading code library for PDF files generation. This wide range of tools and solutions allows businesses to create, store and modify high-quality PDF documents efficiently. With all focus on innovation and efficiency, Apryse stands out as a preferred option to optimize business processes and improve the quality of products and services offered.

3. TeamViewer: is a leading platform for remote access and technical support, allowing everyone to connect and collaborate efficiently in real time from any location. Recognized as an easy-to-use tool, the best security and reliability, it is the preferred choice for remote teams and IT professionals looking for the best solutions on remote device control. Seguridad America partnering TeamViewer, stands out as the only Champion partner in South America. This means is qualified as one of the most reliable companies for TeamViewer in this part of the continent.

Digital transformation and business security

Security America emphasize the importance of security in business digital transformation. Data protection and digital integrity are key elements in their business core, seeking to become a strategic partner in companies’ journey on digital transformation.

America Seguridad

Commitment with solutions and good practices education

Seguridad América will host interactive educational sessions to share best practices, effective strategies and case studies that highlight the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital environments.

Unique opportunity for direct interaction

América Digital 2024 offers a unique opportunity to interact directly with the Seguridad América team and explore customized solutions to strengthen digital defenses.

Don’t miss this diving into the digital future

Seguridad América invites everyone to join this path to the digital future on América Digital 2024. In a world where cybersecurity is getting more critical than ever, the presence of Seguridad América offers a unique opportunity to understand, explore and adopt the most advanced solutions in digital protection.

For more information, visit the Seguridad América booth at América Digital 2024 or online atwww.seguridadamerica.com andwww.dmarc.cl

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