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5th America Digital Congress takes you to Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires*, by recommending the best Sponsors / Stands Business Executive or KAM that meets the application requirements in and pass the test period of 30 days.
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* Terms and Conditions of the prize:

  • Applies to those who recommend someone to be interviewed, pass the selection process and the first month trial.
  • Prize covers round-trip ticket for one person Santiago – Rio Janeiro or Santiago – Buenos Aires, or other equivalent flight value at the winner’s desired date. It does not cover any other expenses.
  • Prize is without contests or prize draws. You will get the prize for each candidate to recommend and pass the test process of 1 month.


America Digital offers last year students in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Business the chance to perform their professional practices, to graduates internship programs and graduates to conduct trainee programs.

During your internships or trainee you will go through an extensive “hands on” training program which includes professional use of Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook for marketing processes, sales and socialselling, using CRM platforms, teamwork, conversational and sales techniques.


  • To have at least 3 months of availability, Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:30 hrs.
  • Last year student or graduate of a career in the areas of marketing, sales and / or commercial.
  • Professional use of Microsoft Office.
  • Must be proactive, methodical, organized, results-oriented.
  • Good diction, good skills in oral and written language.
  • Interest in the area of Congress on Technology, Innovation, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce.

To apply send your CV to [email protected] and the response to each of the next questions:

  • Net income expected by internship or trainee?
  • Do you have availability for at least three months from Monday to Friday?
  • Level of expertise for the following programs:
    Excel: score 1 to 7.
    Word: score 1 to 7.
    Power Point: score 1 to 7.
  • Do you use a CRM? Score 1 to 7.
  • What are you currently doing?
  • Why you care to internship or trainee in America Digital?


America Digital, due to its constant expansion, continuously recruits professionals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA (Miami, San Francisco, New York), Mexico, Panama and Peru, of the following areas:

  • Commercial, Sales and Business Development.
  • Stands and Sponsorships Sales for congresses and fairs.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Telesales.
  • Web and Application Development.
  • Mobile.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • Email Marketing Specialists.
  • Innovation Management Consulting.
  • Back Office and Administration.
  • Digital journalism.
  • Community Management.
  • Experts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, SEO, Web Analytics, Google Adwords.
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital.
  • Production and Coordination of conferences and seminars.

Along with experience and technique in their field of action, we seek complete, proactive professionals with good communication skills, that can teamwork, that enjoy their work, positive, customer-oriented and with a spirit of constant improvement.
If you think you have these features or that you can develop them with us, we invite you to send your CV to [email protected], indicating area to which you are applying and experience.

In Company Teachers

If you have specialized studies in the best universities in the areas of Innovation Management, Canvas Business Models, lean startup, design thinking, entrepreneurship, ICT, Big Data, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Social Selling, teaching experience and at least 5 years of actual experience with companies in the area of your expertise, you can apply as a teacher of America Digital In Company sending your CV to [email protected]

More information

Consultants Network

If you are a young or experienced consultant, we invite you to join our growing network of local and global consultants.


If you own networks or contacts with companies that might be interested in our services, we offer significant incentives for professionals to contact or recommend us to potential customers. For those consultants developing projects with us, we also have an incentive program.

If you think you can contribute to the growth of America Digital and want to know in detail our incentive programs, please contact us or request an interview.

Franchising – Licensing

If you are an entrepreneur or experienced investor, and have management, financial or networking capabilities to expand our business lines to other cities or countries, you can request an interview to know our franchise programs.


Professional with at least 5 years of experience assisting in the coordination of pre and post event production, trade shows, conferences, seminars, pre and post sales management of the companies exhibiting at the fair, coordination of business roundtables.
* Note: Apply only if you meet the requirements.

– Professional in production area and event management.
– About 3 years of verifiable experience in management, pre and post production of events, conferences, seminars, workshops.
– Experience in pre-sale and post-sale customer calls.
– Experience In coordinating business conferences.

– What are your formal studies?
– What events, congresses or fairs have you coordinated, managed coordination? Detail.
– Do you have good call management with customers, excel spreadsheets consolidation, general management?
– What are your salary expectations?

The organizer of one of the largest congresses and fairs of Technology, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing in Latin America seeks a Commercial Executive. Its main function will be to seek strategic information, database management, coordinate meetings with key executives for sponsorships, close sponsorship agreements and stands sales for the technology expo.

You must have over 3 years of experience in selling sponsorships and stands for fairs or expos of technology, software, e-commerce and digital marketing. Knowledge of these industries. It must be proactive, methodical, results-oriented, interest in organizing events in the areas of information technology (IT), e-commerce and digital marketing.

– How many years of experience do you have selling sponsorships and stands?
– What companies, fairs? Elaborate.
– Expo or fairs that you worked in the commercial area? Specify.
– Detail major sponsorships and stands for events, congresses and fairs achieved, amounts?
– Studies, University?
– Availability?

Send cv to [email protected]

Professional with at least 8 years of experience developing business strategies and coordination of training programs, seminars and courses for companies. You must have commercial experience in organizations like OTECs, training centers, seminars, professional institutes or universities.

At least 3 years of experience developing business strategies and coordination of training programs for companies in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and / or digital marketing. Must have knowledge in these areas, networks with HR managers of major companies in Chile, be proactive, methodical, results-oriented, business and sales profile.

– What entities have you developed business strategies for, sales courses, seminars for companies, in which areas, results?
– Knowledge in the areas of management of innovation and digital marketing?

Send CV with case studies, references and salary expectations to [email protected]

Emerging entity dedicated to the area of seminars, training and events with growth plans, requires a Head of Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing. You must have at least 3 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of integrated marketing content strategies based internet and at least 8 years of experience in implementing marketing strategies. Advanced and integrated management of Google Analytics, implementation of metrics, KPIs, analytics integrated with Adwords and Re-marketing. Experience in blogs, content management, extensive experience in email marketing, database management software for email marketing, SEO, advanced management of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social networks, management software and social networking applications. You must have experience performing outreach strategies, creative and viral campaigns on social networks. Preferably certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Good writing skills, writing and content creation, especially in the area of digital marketing and inbound marketing. Teaching experience is a plus. Must have business sense, ability to listen, to be proactive, with an entrepreneurial spirit, ability to work in a team and under pressure. Initially you should be able to design and implement strategies, migrating towards the formation of a team of inbound marketing. Desire to join a growing entity.

– How many years of experience implementing Inbound Marketing strategies do you have, in which companies, projects, results?
– What management platforms for social networks you use? What level 1-7?
– What management platform for Inbound Marketing you use? What level 1-7?

Interested send cv, case study results Article written by you, references and salary expectations [email protected]

Graduated Professional in business area, with experience in entrepreneurship, startups, Capital angels and venture capital. Knowledge and networks with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America and globally. Spanish / English is required.

Experience analyzing company profiles for investment. Knowledge of Venture Capital Forum events, managing communication strategies and coordination.

– Have you gone through incubation programs, accelerators, entrepreneurship programs? Where?
– Have you worked with networks of angel investors or venture capital? Detail.
– Do you have experience in events, Venture Capital Forums? Detail.

Send cv to [email protected]

The organizer of one of the biggest events of Technology, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing in Latin America is looking for a treinee in the commercial area, its main function will be to seek strategic information, coordinate meetings with key executives for sponsorships, create alliances with other institutions. English required, graduated or looking for the last trainee.
Must be proactive, methodical, results-oriented, interest in organizing events in the areas of IT, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing.
– Work experience?
– Detail company, area, activities?
– Do you have previous experience? Elaborate.
Send cv to [email protected]

Management, development and web design, wordpress, PHP, CSS, HTML, HTML5 experience. good design level, emailing, using email marketing platforms, design of landing pages, design for social networks , banners, graphics.
Proactive, thoughtful, likes the job done right meeting expectations and requirements, have ability to interpret customer requirements and transform them into suitable designs, good verbal and written communication capabilities.
– Formal studies, year and university?
– Do you have availability to work full time Monday-Friday?
– What 2.0 web have you developed and designed? send examples.
– Experience designing emails? Banners, graphic pieces?
– HTML, wordpress, HTML5, PHP, CSS level?
– Main design software that you handle?
– Main soft skills?
Send cv to [email protected]

The organizer of one of the largest congresses and fairs in the area of Technology, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, provides trainee in the area of digital journalism, Spanish and English, interests digital journalism, management techniques, digital PR, SEO , blogs, wordpress, ability to direct communications to generate business results, preferred area of corporate communications, management of inbound marketing techniques and social networks.
– Experience?
– Do you own a blog?
– Experience in communications Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin?
– Do you handle html, wordpress 1-7?
– 1-7 Tweetdeck?
– 1-7 Hootsuite?
– Availability?
Send cv to [email protected]

Community Manager Trainee, developing and implementing marketing strategies based on the Internet and social networks content, management of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin advanced level, advanced use of social managment software and social networking applications, experience with creative campaigns and virals on social networks, blog management, good level of writing and content creation in the areas of digital marketing for businesses, SEO management.

– What did you study?
– Where?
– Experience in social networking companies?
– What management software for social networking you use?
– Availability?
Send cv to [email protected]