Women4Tech America Digital programme offers 2 days of in-depth analysis and valuable insights transforming industry success through gender diversity.

We achieve these goals through:

  • Specialized conferences and panels in the areas of #Women4Tech and gender diversity for corporate and business success.  

Search in the agenda with the hashtag #Women4tech to find conferences targeting gender diversity.

  • Panels & Interviews in America Digital News TV , reaching an audiences of +80,000 . Watch women tech & business leaders discussing their strategies on navigating business success through gender diversity.

These discussions and interviews will highlight how these leaders are leveraging diversity to unlock the full potential of our professional communities and networks.

Preferences to women tech & business leaders to schedule business meetings in Business Meetings Sessions America Digital.

  • Content Committee gives priority to women leaders in tech & business for speaker applications.  See criteria of applications here.

Special discount in women trade missions to the congress.  More information [email protected]

#Women4Tech ambassador programme, if you are a women leader in your organization and you want to lead a women trade mission to America Digital Congress of at least 4 people, you can submit your application as #Women4Tech ambassador below.  You will get special conditions.


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