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  • This process, which was triggered after the pandemic, impacts all processes and levels of companies, which is what the company’s CEO will talk about in his lecture.

Cybertrust’s main partner will be lecturing at the 7th America Digital Latino American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, mainly about the creation of new and disruptive business models, built on technologies that could transform the value of the business, in the context of a Digital Transformation process.

Participate in the conference of José Lagos, CEO and Managing Partner Cybertrust LATAM entitled The Impact of Digital Transformation in Cybersecurity: From Survival to Sustainability where the impact of transformation, one of the most used concepts in these years, will be analyzed

Digital transformation should not be just another task in the project portfolio of an organization; it is a transformation process as a whole, including a business culture, its organization, processes, persons and technologies.

I mention culture, because it is vital to develop and implement a Digital Culture before starting such a process. Harmless in other times, this is part of the competitive strategy needed to survive the digital turbulence we are currently going through.

The maturity level of the digital transformation process usually varies among organizations, depending on the size of the industry and its size, and is usually focused on automatic or addition of technology to improve the offered services. In that case, we are talking about a “digitalization maturity model”.

On the other hand, the creation of new business models, disruptive in nature, that include the use of technologies able to transform the value of the business, can be classified as a “Digital Transformation”, or more properly said, a “Process of Transformation of the business”.

This stage could include the creation of new platforms, Uber or Airbnb being well known examples.

No matter the current level of maturity, the digital transformation has (or should have) some impact in cybersecurity; be it in the operational, strategy or organizational areas.

Probably many of these improvements will only allow a business to survive in his vision of protection or security implementation, and this will happen in organizations that still don’t think of cibersecurity as a process that will enable a Digital Transformation, and as such, any initiative will be more focused on the technical or monitoring área only.

In contrast, businesses who understand that cybersecurity can enable a digital transformation process, will consider aspects that could allow organizations to sustain their cybersecurity activities in time.

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