Today there are several public cloud providers in the industry that we can choose from and where we can upload our mission-critical business applications, but there are certain features that not all public cloud providers can deliver, and that is why we want to present the cloud hybrid of the manufacturer HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise),
In the last two years, society has experienced many changes in every aspect, especially companies with the acceleration of digital transformation, which have been faced with the need to implement new technologies to optimize work, time and resources. Being the Internet the main solution applied. That’s the reason why we want to highlight that in
The express digital advance that has been experienced as a result of the pandemic has demanded that managers know about digital environments. However, it is necessary to differentiate between knowing and knowledge.
In the collective imaginary, the concept of digital transformation is associated with developments of complex algorithms, artificial intelligence and robotics. However, being part of this revolution is simpler than it is believed. In our case as ManageEngine (business division of Zoho Corp) we find that our story is in itself, an interesting example of a digital transformation journey that...