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  • Users are becoming more and more demanding, but solutions are not meeting this demand. Learn how to take advantage of the cost of these assistants and have satisfied customers.

Verbio, voice and conversational AI provider, are delighted to be part of the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022 to showcase how their Virtual Voice Assistants are revolutionizing customer experience in contact centers. 

In a busy and hyper-connected world, with omnipresent digital interactions, we have become increasingly demanding, expecting organisations to deliver personalised, comprehensive, and timely experiences at a time and place convenient to us. 

According to the Contact Centre Decision Makers Guide (DMG) 2022, the average speed to answer is currently 106 seconds – the highest ever recorded. 

Companies are investing time and big budgets to digitally transform and be present on channels convenient to the customer, but experiences with brands are still not personalized and are often overcomplicated and frustrating. 

Join the Verbio Team at their exhibition stand and attend the conference Activate the potential of virtual voice assistants: enhancing the customer experience and driving profitability, in which Jordi Torres, COO of Verbio, will explain how they are working with some of the world’s biggest call center brands to provide innovative, engaging AI speech solutions that support the best possible customer experience. 

Find out more about how Verbio’s solutions can bring the following benefits to your organization:  

  • Improved and personalized Customer Experience (CX)
    Evidenced by providing customers with personalized, intelligent, and timely responses to their queries. 
  • Improved agent productivity
    With Verbio’s voice solutions, calls are directed and responded to efficiently, releasing agent time for higher value tasks.
  • Increased NPS scoring
    Enabling better customer experience (CX) with natural engaging interactions and thus, increasing NPS scoring.
  • Increased call retention
    Providing the complete, call-automation solution. Ensuring a reduction in response times and increasing first call resolutions to issues.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
    Streamlining the call automation process with the combination of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)/Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR) and text-to-speech (TTS) in a single call – enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

At the event the team will be at hand to talk through the flexible deployment options, available on-premise or in the Cloud and the many features Verbio’s solutions have to offer including: 

Natural conversational speech

Users can communicate with machine using free-form voice interaction and receive 95%+ accurate results.

Ready, out-of-the-box

Verbio speech solutions come with comprehensive language models and tools. 

Homogeneous experience in call

Verbio’s solutions, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)/Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR) and text-to-speech (TTS) exchange information with one another in a call. This enables a far more natural and streamlined experience for the user. 

Support standards

Verbio supports industry standards – MRCP, SRGS, SSML, SAPI, VXML & SISR, GRPC. 

Language models out-of-the-box

Verbio provides generic language models, spelling language models and many other vertical industry specific language models out of the box. 

Deep learning

Verbio extensively uses deep learning in its speech solution technology to provide accurate results in various challenging scenarios. The recognizer learns from any errors and improves over time. 

Tools and reporting

Verbio provides easy-to-use tools and web dashboard-based reporting to monitor the health of the solutions deployed. 


Verbio provides a unique product model offering – either a complete or partial solution. This can be adapted entirely and aligned to the customers’ requirements. 

Verbio has provided Voice AI solutions globally for over 20 years. They operate world-wide across office locations including Barcelona, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Palo Alto and Sao Paulo.

They work with some of the world’s biggest companies including T-Mobile, BBVA, Telefonica and Enelto understand their customers, optimize and streamline their user experiences and revolutionize their customer journey. Enabling and realising some of the highest rates of customer experience and satisfaction whilst enabling millions in cost savings, through clear improvements in retention rates. 

Join the Voice AI Revolution: www.verbio.com 

Don’t miss Jordi Torres’ conference and visit Verbio’s booth at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress 2022. Buy your tickets here