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One of the most anticipated activities by Exhibitors and Attendees are the 1 to 1 Meetings.

How does the 1 to 1 Meetings work during the 7th Latin American Congress America Digital 2022?

When you buy your ticket, since September 01, you will receive your “magic link” via email to access the Online Platform of the 7th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business America Digital 2022, the first thing you must do is complete your profile photo and the different fields of your profile, having your profile well completed will maximize your networking opportunities during the Congress.

You can access the online platform via desktop or download the APP (whose download instructions are delivered in the same email with your magic link), then in the Networking section you can view all the attendees to the Congress, perform searches by Name, Last Name, Job Title, Country, Areas of Interest.

Fig 1:  Online platform and App  

When you find a person you want to meet, you can add them as a favorite, send a message and/or even request an instant video call (Video Call works only from desktop).

You can send messages to request face-to-face meetings at Espacio Riesco, as well as hold Video Call Meetings with attendees who attend online.

For meetings face-to-face with attendees, we have arranged 2 Networking Zones in the Espacio Riesco Convention Center on the Terraces Level 1 and -1 that you can see on the Map.

Both Networking Zones have 50 Numbered Tables that you can freely use, therefore, if you want to meet in person during the Congress, you can say, for example, by message “Let’s meet at Table 31 of the Networking Zone 1, at 4:00 p.m. hours”

You can also freely coordinate your meetings in any area of ​​the Congress, such as the Restaurant Areas, etc.

We will have a white march of Online Meetings on September 06, and on September 7 and 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. face-to-face meetings will work in the Networking Zones in Espacio Riesco.

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