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  • When a data loss of critical information occurs, it always brings to light the deficiencies and/or shortcomings of our backup solution; this forces us to reevaluate our architecture and look for a solution that really responds to our needs.

When you prioritize having a reliable backup solution, all the historical and critical information of the company is safeguarded; and business continuity is ensured.

The cost of a few hours of downtime, whether it’s days or weeks– can be devastating to any business. 

Datto will be present at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022. Its stand will present its technology and expertise in backup, user and server protection, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery.

All these services help companies to strengthen their architectures and implement a complete cybersecurity that protects their operations and information. 

Time is money

When a company’s system goes down, customers can’t make purchases or access account information; employees are unable to work; lost revenue adds up quickly. 

There was a time when taking days or weeks to recover didn’t have the lasting impact that it does now.

But in these times, companies cannot afford to wait days or weeks to return to normal operations. Downtime is no longer acceptable. 

The good news: BCDR solutions eliminate downtime. Companies that don’t make BCDR implementation a priority at any given time can run into some kind of trouble.

The most cost-effective solution for businesses looking to back up critical workloads is in the cloud. 

Today, cloud resistance over reliability issues is no longer sensible, it’s just holding organizations back. 

Hybrid cloud-based backup solutions provide businesses with access to a local backup stored and an additional copy of their entire network stored in the cloud. Local backup allows quick access to data when needed. 

Meanwhile, the cloud keeps another copy available to fail over when a larger-scale issue occurs, giving businesses the ability to avoid extended downtime.

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The resiliency of a purpose-built cloud

At Datto, the reliability of data security strengthens our entire architecture, providing a cybersecurity environment, redundancy, RPO and RTO reduction, and providing us with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): SIRIS, NAS and Datto Continuity FOR Microsoft Azure. 

This approach is also fundamental to our Backup and Restore solutions: Cloud Continuity for PC and SaaS Protection +.

Datto Cloud, designed specifically for backup and recovery, is immutable cloud storage. This means that it provides the highest level of data protection, minimizing downtime for both businesses.

Redundant and reliable

What makes Datto Cloud highly reliable? The industry’s best resiliency and multi-tier redundancy are present at every tier, from hard drives to servers to data centers. 

If any core Datto Cloud component fails, your data remains secure so you can continue working from the cloud.

As a result, Datto Cloud is well-equipped to minimize interruptions and the risk of data loss. 

When you choose Datto, you can be sure that you will fully recover your business systems after any disaster.

If you want to know Datto’s products, schedule an appointment with them and visit their booth at the 7th Latin American Congress América Digital 2022. Buy your tickets here