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  • The company’s mission is to enable its customers to operate their own 5G networks, with full security and integration of the network technology into their existing infrastructure. 

XIUS, a leading mobile and network technology company, is excited to unveil the Enterprise Private 5G Network Solution at 7th American Digital Liatinamerican Congress of Business & Technology 2022.

XIUS Private 5G Network enables enterprises to augment existing capabilities and explore new opportunities through a dedicated bandwidth for ultra-reliable low-latency use cases such as robotics and industrial IoT, with control over data, security and networks.

In addition to the launch of its new solution, Arturo Sanchez Contreras, Head of Business Unit for Lata inn XIUS, will present the conference “How the Private 5G Network Can Drive Digital Aspirations” on September 7, where he will discuss how XIUS solutions can accelerate your enterprise digital transformation journey.

XIUS enables network technology that connects the world. For more than 20 years, XIUS has helped leading companies across the globe with customized connectivity solutions that are purpose-built to help organizations easily deploy, operate, and integrate network technology with their existing infrastructure.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services with high added value in network systems strategy and implementation. As a trusted partner for all critical networks, XIUS is committed to achieving innovation and technology excellence across mobile, fixed and cloud networks.

Xius started its journey with prepaid platforms and payment stack that gradually evolved to offer end to end mobile core infrastructure and service enablement to 3G, 4G and now 5G carriers across the world. 

A Dedicated 5G Network

XIUS is on a mission to empower its customers to operate their own dedicated 5G networks. Leveraging over two decades of experience in serving leading operators across LATAM, XIUS has combined its innovation, market leadership and expertise at building converged fixed and mobile networks with 5G network equipment. 

The Private 5G offering is a pioneering new approach that will be interesting to many enterprises and industries. Now enterprises don’t have to know the details of how radio or 5G works, as XIUS makes the journey to 5G really simple and frictionless. 

XIUS offers a secure and powerful 4G/LTE and 5G Standalone connectivity allowing business to digitize operations and optimize the processes through data creation, collection, and analysis.

The solution delivers the advantage of a high-speed network that can cover a much wider area than a typical enterprise Wi-Fi deployment. 

The solution is suitable for environments such as healthcare, factories, educational campuses, stadiums, and other large sites where security and ultra-low latency connectivity are very critical. 

Enterprises deploying XIUS Private 5G Network will be able to boost productivity and efficiency while saving costs in many ways including remote management, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, connected sensors, real-time data processing, automation and robotics.

“XIUS has a huge client base in Latin America region and the adoption of 5G – the private network model is gaining a lot of traction in LATAM. Not just that! LATAM is recovering fast from the pandemic and there’s a huge rise in digital payments. We are really excited about these opportunities and XIUS is committed to help our customers navigate the journey to 5G and digital transformation.”

Arturo Sánchez Contreras, Head of Business Unit for Latam – XIUS

The Rise of Digital Payments

As the digital payments technology is fast evolving, XIUS is witnessing a huge demand for X-Pay, an all-in-one payment stack from XIUS. It enables enterprises, online platforms and e-commerce marketplaces to design and organise their own transactional services. 

It helps organizations in deploying complex payment processing, aggregation and settlement systems, eliminating the traditional payment mechanisms friction for both enterprises and end customers.

Don’t miss Arturo Sanchez’s conference and visit XIUS booth at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress 2022. Buy your tickets here