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  • BPAM, the software that allows real-time monitoring of each of the equipment connected to your network.

Increasingly, information is shown as a critical and strategic element for the development and growth of the lines of business and operation of companies. In a world where having the information, the right data, at the right time and for the right people becomes a tremendous differentiator not only against the competition, but also as a powerful tool to know and define the actions that proactively determine the future of our businesses.

And this information is not only related to that contained in the documents, whether physical or digital, which in itself is already tremendously valuable as it is what determines the value of the documentation and the processes associated with it. But also, it is knowing in a precise and detailed way what happens in real time with your processes, with your projects, with your assets.

In this sense, BP Soluciones has developed a new platform, through which the eyes are opened to a hitherto hidden reality, and which is related to the digitization teams that are distributed in your business network.

Where are they? How many of them are active? What is their status and associated error rate? What are the document volumes that each of them is processing? What is their failure rate? When should I change your consumables? 

Are they being underused or overused? These and many other questions could arise, questions to which today we can only answer by physically visiting each of the operating points or carrying out telephone sweeps, which will give us outdated information at an enormous time cost, and the most complex, a tremendous opportunity cost.

A few months ago, BPAM (BP Asset Monitor) was born, a product of both market needs and the knowledge and experience of the BP Solutions team, a software that, in its simplicity of both implementation and operation, is tremendously powerful and capable of responding to all the concerns raised above and many others, and all from a centralized management and control point that allows real-time monitoring of each and every one of the computers connected to your network.

This platform will be one of the solutions that the company will present to the attendees of the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of  Business & Technology 2022. At the BP Soluciones booth you will be able to see its benefits and functionalities firsthand. 

plataforma de información

It is interesting to see how this system becomes a central and critical element of an operation where there are nearly 500 digitization units, which are distributed throughout the country. 

This is the case of a large project that is currently in its implementation phase and in which being able to rely on information from digitization platforms becomes a central and strategic element, not only because it allows for direct and online of each of the digitization teams, knowing; its status, failure rate, counters, consumable usage, location, contact and historical logs.

But also due to the fact that by making the information associated with this entire park visible, it allows actions to be taken with a broad and informed perspective. 

Anticipating the participation of the technical service team, who, from a reactive work scheme, begins to operate in a proactive and anticipatory manner, and optimizing the use and change of consumables, by being able to have information on their utilization rate in each piece of equipment. 

But also, Improving the allocation of assets, based on the rate of use at each point, in order to avoid under or over use of each one of them and finally, centralize the taking of meters, reducing time and costs associated with this process.

Learn more about BP Soluciones products and be sure to visit their booth at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress 2022. 

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