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  • Learn how businesses – big and small – are collecting mission-critical data to gain a competitive advantage and become market leader

It’s no secret that today, to remain competitive, businesses of all sizes and industries need massive amounts of real-time public data to remain competitive. 

Matias Chmiel, Sales Director of LATAM at Bright Data, the world’s number one web data collection platform, took part in the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022 , discussing just that:  But how can different industries utilize web data, and what are the benefits?

Let’s begin with some of the most popular use cases for public online data collection in the business world – these include collecting:

  • Real-time competitor pricing to create dynamic pricing strategies. 
  • Social media data, including consumer sentiment and trending products
  • Business-related data like target markets, employee skillsets, etc. to perform competitive market analyses, develop smarter recruitment strategies, and seek out the best investment opportunities

 So how is this data being used daily to optimize business operations per sector? Here are some examples:

Marketing departments

Marketing departments collect data from competitor advertisements to get inspiration for their own campaigns and analyze what works/doesn’t. In terms of potential customers, they can monitor search engine results to determine what customers are searching for in specific locations. 

Business developers 

Those working in business development collect information from LinkedIn regarding companies they wish to sell to. It also enables them to identify the most relevant stakeholder and reach out to them. 


Those working in the e-commerce industry are using real-time online data to see competitor pricing and up-to-the-minute changes in order to price their products as attractively as possible.

Quality Assurance (QA)/ User Experience (UX)

QA/UX teams are leveraging local devices to accurately picture application responsiveness. For example, a company that has released a new UX for their app will be able to see it as a real user would in a specific location.

Portfolio management / Investment discovery 

Portfolio managers can understand real-time market changes by collecting news articles relating to companies/industries and public social sentiment data around certain stocks. In addition, VCs can discover undervalued companies to invest in based on the income-debt ratio.

Real Estate

Real estate investment companies are collecting housing market data to identify price trends in rental/sale prices and social media data to discover newly trending cities and neighborhoods.  

But what are the top advantages of collecting online data using automated tools vs doing it alone?


Automated data collection tools can get what you need fast. This means that businesses can collect the most critical information and then go straight to analyzing it quickly.


Data collection tools allow companies to scale their data collection operations whenever they need, without the hassle or burden of maintaining hardware/software.


Data collection tools enable companies to save money using a third party’s expertise. Top-of-the-line solutions have already been developed to solve the most complex problems, so cost and manpower are significantly reduced. 

The final word 

Web data collection can aid businesses significantly in learning from their competition, discovering new opportunities, better understanding their customers, and so much more. Today, automated tools are taking the guesswork out of data collection, making it simple, saving businesses money, and freeing up their time to focus on what they do best. 

To learn more about Bright Data’s products: https://brightdata.com/

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