• cadena de suministros
At the booth and its conference you can learn about the solutions the company has created to achieve proper implementation. The Pandemic has had a significant impact on the retail industry. On the supplier side, recent supply chain challenges have forced companies to confront issues such as logistics disruptions, production delays, and inventory fulfilment issues. 
  • digitalización documentos
The company is undergoing a technological revolution and is developing several innovative solutions that will be presented during its participation in the Congress. In recent years, digitization has come to play a central role in different areas such as work, education, leisure and services.  This topic will be discussed by Diamcofi executives at its stand
  • grafos neo4j
World leader promotes demonstrations at its stand during the event, which takes place on September 7th and 8th. Neo4j, world leader and creator of the graph database category, participates for the first time in the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, the largest event of technology and innovation in the
  • plataforma información
BPAM, the software that allows real-time monitoring of each of the equipment connected to your network. Increasingly, information is shown as a critical and strategic element for the development and growth of the lines of business and operation of companies. In a world where having the information, the right data, at the right time and
  • logitech-tecnología
In this new normal, that is not new anymore, one of the main concerns of today’s organizations, specially IT leaders, is the security and privacy. They are interested in how data is protected in the software applications they deploy. A world leader in developing hardware, software, and services solutions, Logitech connects people to the digital
  • teltonika-soluciones
Modern problems require modern solutions, and Teltonika does a great job filling the market gaps with innovative, made-in-Europe internet of things products.  Today, the Teltonika company group, which started in 1998 as a small two-people company in Vilnius, Lithuania, has more than 2300 employees in 19 countries worldwide.  Teltonika has 5 years of commercial and
  • Grupo Tawa
In the last two decades, technological tools have transformed the work of human resources areas, which seek to maintain that human approach in the midst of so many innovations. Technology definitely has changed our lives and, above all, how it has restated the way people work. For the better? Well, from an administrative point of
  • lenguaje-learnship
Exhibiting at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, Learnship officially enters the Latin American market, following its acquisition of corporate training company GlobalEnglish! In June 2022, the name GlobalEnglish disappeared entirely to become Learnship – a global player offering new services to improve international language skills and intercultural communication
  • trabajo-hibrido-jabra
The pandemic has ratified the claim that Jabra held years ago that “work” is no longer a place to go, it is an activity that is carried out from anywhere.  New ways of working must be accompanied by technology to equip executives with tools that allow them to collaborate with other workers anytime, anywhere. Anahí