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In this new normal, that is not new anymore, one of the main concerns of today’s organizations, specially IT leaders, is the security and privacy. They are interested in how data is protected in the software applications they deploy.

A world leader in developing hardware, software, and services solutions, Logitech connects people to the digital experiences they care about. We offer a range of collaboration tools that are easy to use.

 And we provide simple-to-use software to help you monitor, manage, and receive insights about your video collaboration solutions, enabling virtual teams to work more effectively. 

Logitech Sync is an integral part of our video collaboration solutions. Sync is a cloud-based device-management platform that allows IT to manage and monitor Logitech meeting room devices at scale. 

It works in conjunction with the Logitech Sync App, which runs on a computer or video appliance device in the meeting room. 

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Sync processes data and information that hardware devices report to it and presents IT admins with actionable data regarding monitoring, management, and room insights. Sync users easily log on to the dedicated web portal at sync.logitech.com to manage their Logitech devices.

This fresh approach to remote monitoring and device management simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement, while the API and forward-looking architecture establish a robust foundation for new insights and integrations.

Naturally, IT leaders are concerned about security and privacy when it comes to the handling of data and software updates. 

Customers can be confident that Logitech establishes and implements best-practice information security processes. All video collaboration software development security protocols use NIST 800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 as guiding roadmaps. 

Our security processes are managed by a diverse set of product stakeholders, ranging from product management to engineering, who apply these security standards as core operating principles in our Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).

To address this topic further, we created the following whitepaper, which discusses Logitech Sync’s handling of personal data and the delivery of firmware releases. 

Download this whitepaper and visit us during the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress fo Business & Technology 2022 in our booth B-01 to continue discussing about this topic and experience our latest video solutions. Buy your tickets here