• digitalización documentos
  • The company is undergoing a technological revolution and is developing several innovative solutions that will be presented during its participation in the Congress.

In recent years, digitization has come to play a central role in different areas such as work, education, leisure and services. 

This topic will be discussed by Diamcofi executives at its stand at the 7th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business of Digital America 2022, on September 7 and 8. 

Dimacofi will present the solutions that aim to facilitate the operation in the different work areas so that companies can better focus on their work and optimize its performance.

The reason? Covid forced companies to rethink the way they were delivering their services. 

In fact, the need arose to transform the way of working and to provide tools so that people could continue their work from their homes. 

Also, the requirement arose to set up offices for adequate virtual connection between collaborators who were in person, with those who performed teleworking.  

This new reality led Dimacofi to develop different digital solutions for Smarts Spaces, which aim to deliver a quality service and allow meetings or training to be held online or in hybrid format. 

As a leader in printing and document management solutions, Dimacofi is a trusted advisor for companies that require technological solutions and seek to improve their business processes.

Dimacofi provides and manages printing and electronic document management services to the main companies in the country, with an offer that consists of adding value to document-intensive business processes.

The chilean company is present in several industries of the local market such as health, education, banking, public sector, retail, among others. 

It also promotes the use of clean and sustainable technologies, having obtained the Clean Production Agreement (APL) Zero Waste to Disposal after achieving 100% compliance with zero waste to disposal. 

Custom requirements

In order to deliver a personalized service, the requirements of each company are considered, so the alternatives can be diverse.

The main point is that those who telework have access to the same quality of information as those who meet in person, such as interactive screens, the implementation of sound-sensitive cameras, smart boards that favor collaborative work and even systems that transform everything written to be projected on the screens of those who are not physically in the same room.

The equipment has also been adapted to promote student learning, with which they have implemented more than 200 smart classrooms in different cities of the country, thus supporting this new way of teaching.  

In another area of business, the MPS (Managed Print Services), Dimacofi has not been left behind due to a permanent search for innovation to achieve an excellent service. 

Maintaining the operational continuity of its clients is part of its philosophy, which is why it is analyzing and improving solutions linked to the printing service every day, which has allowed it to remain the industry leader in these 95 years of life.

For example, to streamline and respond to customer technical assistance requirements, Dimacofi developed an augmented reality system, where the specialists virtually assist in the review of equipment, determine a diagnosis and deliver a solution, with a 70% success rate. 

This is added to its monitoring platform, where improvements are constantly being made and which allows monitoring equipment, reporting the level of consumption of pages and supplies, alerting potential failures, among other benefits, thus ensuring the operational continuity of the client.

As a printing expert, Dimacofi has also expanded by incorporating the thermal printing service, developing solutions that intelligently connect people, assets and data, thus helping customers make critical business decisions. 

It should be noted that each solution is defined and implemented based on the client’s need with the latest technology and the support of a complete team of experts.

Better control and asset traceability is possible thanks to label printers, identification bracelets, barcode readers and mobile devices, among other products that guarantee much safer and more reliable service processes. 

Solutions applicable to the health area, logistics, and retail among many other areas.

Do not miss the digital solutions that Dimacofi will present at its booth on September 7th and 8th at the 7th America Digital  Latin American of Business & Technology 2022 in Espacio Riesco. Buy your tickets here