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Modern problems require modern solutions, and Teltonika does a great job filling the market gaps with innovative, made-in-Europe internet of things products. 

Today, the Teltonika company group, which started in 1998 as a small two-people company in Vilnius, Lithuania, has more than 2300 employees in 19 countries worldwide. 

Teltonika has 5 years of commercial and technical presence in Chile, with more than 35 people working in the company’s Santiago office.

Idea generation, component supplier research, design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and quality control – the whole development process takes place in Teltonika’s modern offices and production facilities in Lithuania. 

It allows Teltonika to offer affordable, reliable, and high-quality devices and solve various challenges in telematics, networking, micro-mobility, personal tracking, EV charging, and other areas.

At the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business &Technology 2022, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the solutions developed by Teltonika Networks, Teltonika Telematics, Teltonika Mobility, and Teltonika Energy.

Reliable network connectivity for CCTV systems by Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks provides robust and reliable network connectivity that’s crucial for smooth working processes, monitoring options, and data transmission between two endpoints. In other words, enabling machine to machine (M2M) communication. 

At the America Digital Congress, Teltonika Networks representatives will showcase two of its best-selling routers, RUT240 and its big brother, RUT955, as well as two of its most powerful routers, RUTX11 and RUTX12. 

Several use cases showcasing what creative solutions can be achieved with our devices will also be presented.

 For example, we’ll be diving into a scenario where CCTV surveillance systems need reliable network support to ensure an uninterrupted and high level of security.

 This is the case where RUTX11 gets to be the solution by providing robust Internet connectivity through 4G LTE. But there are a lot more functions this scenario requires, so make sure to stop by to find out the rest! 

Fleet management efficiency achieved with Teltonika Telematics devices

Teltonika Telematics is going to present a range of products, including the brand-new 4G LTE connectivity GPS tracker FMC920. 

With 2G technology shutdowns taking place around the globe, this device is set to become a bestseller worldwide thanks to its rich feature set and wide applicability. 

At the exhibition, our experts will share their knowledge and insights on how to maximise fleet management efficiency. 

The presented products will also include new Plug & Play OBD device FMC003 with the OEM parameter reading capability, advanced GPS tracker FMC130 with flexible hardware features, and other tracking devices to meet business needs across diverse industries.

E-mobility, personal tracking and asset tracking solutions by Teltonika Mobility

Teltonika Mobility will dive deep into innovative and highly configurable IoT solutions for electric mobility, asset tracking, and personal tracking businesses. Four newly upgraded devices will wait for you at the event.

We will go through the E-Mobility Tracker Easy (TFT10), our first-ever device for electric mobility, and its successor, an LTE version – EMB100. 

With these devices, you can connect and manage e-mopeds, e-bikes, e-scooters, and even e-forklifts with flexibility and ease. 

We will also show you our newly released Mini Tracker (TMT250) and Worker Badge (GH5200). These easy-to-use, intelligent yet small GPS tracking devices help businesses to track and protect workers, the elderly, offenders, or pets.

Need to keep your valuable assets, such as tools, equipment, cargo, trailers, or containers, safe and secure? We’ve got you covered with our Asset Tracker Easy (TAT100) and Asset Tracker Pro (TAT140) devices in 2G and LTE versions. 

These advanced GPS tracking devices feature long battery lifetime, multiple attachment options, and customizable reports.

Robust and customizable EV charger developed by Teltonika Energy

Come over to Teltonika’s booth to be the first to experience the future of EV charging. 

The Teltonika Energy representative will introduce our latest EV charging flagman – TeltoCharge – a modern, premium quality, highly customizable, and easy-to-use EV charging solution.

TeltoCharge is an easy, smart, and reliable EV charger that customers can customize to their needs and preferences. 

We offer an exceptional product that combines functionality, premium looks, robust build, and smart EV charging features to save time and money. 

Be sure to visit the Teltonika booth at the 7th America Digital 2022 Latin American Congress 2022 expo to learn about our latest developments. Buy your tickets here