With 52 years of innovation experience, AMD is a key player in processors and graphics card manufacturing, offering a portfolio of solutions ranging from end-user needs to enterprise-grade technology.

In this sense, AMD has been able to make the most of this momentum, and project it into a future in which it hopes to continue to be the technological partner that helps develop the full potential of its customers and users.

In recent years, AMD has brought to market the strongest portfolio in the brand’s history that not only spurred growth, but accelerated it.

The consolidation of high-performance computing has generated a growing adoption of cloud services, activating the digital transformation towards new industries and experiences, as well as the transition to exascale supercomputing solutions and the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

According to the Brand Finance Global 500 2022 report, AMD stands out as the technology company with the fastest growth in brand value, growing by 122% to $6 billion from the previous year.

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AMD has established itself as the only company in the market that offers high-performance CPUs and GPUs. The learning in these two years of pandemic and the behavior of the market have made it clear that the requirements today are much more challenging.

That’s why AMD is committed to delivering world-class differentiated solutions, combining the industry’s leading CPU, GPU, and software platforms to deliver breakthrough performance and outstanding experiences across business, entertainment, and supercomputing workloads through its Ryzen, Radeon and EPYC products and solutions developed in close collaboration with the leading solution providers in the market.

In addition to delivering the highest performance on the market, AMD has prioritized energy efficiency in the development of its products, this being the basis of its technological innovation process, aimed at reducing costs, preserving natural resources and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Last year AMD announced a new vision, the 30×25 goal, to achieve a 30x improvement in efficiency by 2025, from a 2020 baseline, within nodes in accelerated data centers. Built with AMD EPYC™ CPUs and AMD Instinct accelerators, these nodes are designed for some of the fastest growing needs in computing, training AI and HPC applications.


AMD proposes cutting-edge technologies to overcome the most important current challenges of the modern world, promoting the development of supercomputers that simulate, model and improve systems that support studies of climatology, subatomic structures, genomics and physics, among other challenges that test the human capabilities, making computing a critical ally of great scientific discoveries.

Computing demand for these applications is growing exponentially, but with technology delivered by AMD, it is possible to optimize power usage for these and other applications in accelerated compute nodes through innovative architecture.

AMD understands the opportunity for data center efficiency improvements to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase environmental sustainability.

In practice, reaching the 30x target means that by 2025, the power required for these AMD-accelerated compute nodes to complete a single calculation will be 97% less than in 2020.

Reaching this target means increasing efficiency energy of a compute node accelerated at a rate more than 2.5 times faster than the combined improvement achieved by the entire industry during the period 2015-2020.


AMD has the goal of delivering the best user experience in each new family launched on the market, while it provides a radical, substantial, and important leap compared to the previous generation, obtaining as a result, offering the best performance, reliability and with the highest degree of sustainability respecting the environment.