In the last two years, society has experienced many changes in every aspect, especially companies with the acceleration of digital transformation, which have been faced with the need to implement new technologies to optimize work, time and resources. Being the Internet the main solution applied.

That’s the reason why we want to highlight that in order to achieve a digital transformation, it’s necessary several key elements such as a mentality shift in every structure of a company, besides, having a robust, secure, fast, and reliable network that supports these changes, but in order to obtain this type of connection, it is essential to work with providers who really care about the customer.

Currently, Metrowan provides the best connectivity option through its optic fiber network, since it has features that will favorably impact companies, such as higher speed, greater security, lower latency and less probability of connection drops. Besides, it has its own team specialized in each area, in charge of providing the best service and customer experience.

It’s noteworthy that, during the first quarter of the year, Grupo MetroWan worked on the expansion of its fiber optic network, managing to cable more than 250 km in order to reach new regions in Chile, and also implemented a new backup solution via microwaves called MetroLink, which operates in parallel with the dedicated fiber optic service. In the event of any disruption in the connection, MetroLink switches automatically, keeping the same configurations delivered by the main fiber optic service. Guaranteeing the operational continuity of its customers.

Solutions that can also help improve processes

Cloud services are notable solutions in the central axis for digital transformation, since they allow companies to connect to the infrastructure through the Internet and use computing resources without the need to install and maintain them locally. Therefore, Grupo Metrowan provides its customers with physical and virtual servers, user support, cloud infrastructure and backup.

As well as Cloud services, IP telephony has been another key tool to master the digital transformation. This solution provided by MetroWan does not require equipment or cabling deployments, but is delivered as a telephony service that provides agility, flexibility and total scalability. It is a way to build digitized organizations based on voice and data communications. Thanks to IP telephony, companies are no longer limited by telephone networks, and can fully enter the digital world.

Today, Metrowan Group has the goal of providing solutions to the needs presented by organizations, therefore, they support and advise clients from day one, helping to identify what is the requirement they need. They also have a team of qualified professionals who are constantly monitoring the infrastructure on a daily basis in order to deliver the best services.

Metrowan in America Digital

The next 7th and 8th of September, the telecommunications and networks service provider Grupo Metrowan will participate as a speaker in the 7th Latin American Congress Technology and Business America Digital.

Metrowan, is a company of national roots, specialized in data transport, fiber-optic internet services, wireless links, IP telephony, Cloud Services and many more.. This company has a track record of more than 12 years of experience in the field, delivering solutions to large, medium and small-sized companies and ISPs located in the VI and VII Region, as well as in the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

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