• sermaluc tecnologías

The history of Sermaluc´s trajectory is almost 30 years old, and we have more than 200 collaborators and currently have operations in Chile and Peru. 

We know that the world is moving by leaps and bounds towards digital, which is why Sermaluc intends to be an important player in the coming years. 

Under this digital context, Marco Ponce Meléndez, CEO of Sermaluc, will be giving a talk on Commercial platforms aimed at credit normalization at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022.

For this reason, we have highly qualified work teams, with the capacity to function in the latest generation platforms and technologies, as well as experienced teams in conventional technologies with a high degree of specialization.

We have: 

  • Applications of Agile or Traditional Methodology, adapting to the one used by our clients in each project.
  • Highly qualified work teams, according to the demands of each service.
  • Implementation strategy that optimizes project times, parallelizing activities and creating synergy between members of the different cells, achieving deliverables that seek to exceed expectations.
  • We perform the use of tools for the integral management and for the control of versions and deliverables of the project, and that are in line with the Technological Stack of our clients.
  • We implement the best practices and industry quality standards throughout the period.
  • We have Seedbeds in Mobile Technologies (IOS and Android), with the aim of maintaining constant training in the most complex and latest generation technologies.

Sermaluc grouped its different service lines into 4 important Business Lines, which have various services within each of them.

Join us for Sermaluc’s talk and visit their booth at the 7th Latin American Congress America Digital 2022. Buy your tickets here