Jordi Torres (España), COO at Verbio /

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As COO of Verbio, Jordi is directly involved in the pursuit of Verbio’s main objective: to make AI make people’s lives easier, being able to use their voice naturally and effortlessly when interacting with machines. Entrepreneur and disruptive innovator, he is passionate about how AI can completely revolutionize companies and their future.

Jordi Torres has a degree in Business Administration from ESADE (Spain), an MBA from the same institution, as well as a Master in International Management from NYU (USA) and Master CEMS from the Universtät zu Köln (Germany).

His professional career has been developed in the world of strategic consulting in companies such as DB and McKinsey, and in management positions for one of the main communication agencies in the world, the DDB. His background also includes having been a serial entrepreneur in different industries, such as health, retail or consulting.


Unleash the Potential of Virtual Voice Assistants: improving customer experiences and driving cost efficiency.

Within this session we will explore how virtual voice assistants are revolutionising the way in which some of the world’s biggest companies are transforming how they operate in their contact centres – achieving the highest rates of customer experience and satisfaction whilst enabling millions in cost savings, through clear improvements in retention rates. Drawing on real-life examples from large-scale contact centre deployments, including BBVA and T-Mobile, we will showcase how together, we have supported service providers to solve their challenges with our complete call automation solution. Enabling our customers and partners to become leaders in Voice AI, providing exceptional user experience.