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  • The company presents its multicloud and cybersecurity solutions at the Congress

The different changes caused during the pandemic period challenged business and its operational continuity. 

During this scenario, digitalization strategy took on greater force, exposing the lack of infrastructure, security, and virtualized remote Access in many companies. In addition, they highlighted the need to reduce IT and operational costs. 

Today companies are focused on offering digital solutions and services to their customers, to achieve their growth objectives. 

In this sense, one of the most recent reports developed by IDC indicates that 95% of the organizations worldwide are implementing a digital strategy to support new sources of a digital income.

Emtec Group, a company with a strong focus on infrastructure and with a marked tendency towards digital transformation solutions, will be present at the 7th Latin America Technology and Business Congress America Digital 2022, offering its experience in the integration of technology solutions based on a digital strategy, where multicloud and cybersecurity solutions have led the needs of the regions.

“Today, companies in the region need to solve, with a limited budget and high expectations, challenges of operational continuity and growth that requires hybrid solutions and services, with a high security standard and framed in a digital strategy that allows them to be competitive in the midst of an increasingly demanding market.”

Mario Gutiérrez, General Manager of Emtec Group. 

For the executive, responding to the permanent changes requires technology partners capable of providing value solutions through observations, understanding, active participation and accompaniment of customers.

Competitiveness and growth with Hybrid Strategies

The organizations are leaning on transformative technologies to grow faster, be to be more agile than their peers, increase profits, drive operational efficiency, and improve the customer experience. 

To achieve this, they need to move fast and for this the cloud is playing an important role in bridging the digital divide. 

“Today the technological demand is focused on hybrid cloud solutions. Major public clouds announced their presence in local mode, solving the latency issue. As technology integrators, our objective is closely aligned with these needs, we are a reliable and experienced provider in the migration, implementation, tuning and operation processes of our clients who choose to migrate to the cloud.”

Mario Gutiérrez, General Manager of Emtec Group. 

Earlier this year, research and consulting firm Gartner noted that most organizations have fully deployed at least one major public cloud infrastructure as a service (Iaas) or platform as a service (PaaS) provider. 

Many will now look to add a second cloud provider for additional application use cases and move towards a multicloud strategy. 

In this sense, Emtec Group executive highlights that “more and more global IT companies are communicating and integrating in hybrid cloud mode. 

In the work that we have been carrying out with our clients at a regional level, the combination of local knowledge with the global experience of the brands and partners with which we work, such as Netapp, Lenovo, Citrix, Nutanix, Tanium, IBM and Veeam, has been relevant.

 In this way we have offered cloud migration and management solutions to our clients, which have allowed them to evolve and begin to close digital gaps”.

Interrupting the path of attack

As the need to create digital strategies increases, cybercriminals continue to search for vulnerabilities in systems to hijack valuable information from companies and claim large sums of money. 

A recent study, “Check Point Software’s Mid-Year Security Report 2022”, identifies a global increase in cyberattacks by 42% and ranks ransomware as the number one threat.

“It is urgent to have proactive security strategies in data protection rather than reactive, because the consequences involve time, loss of information and interruption of business operational continuity, which translates into very high costs for any organization.” Indicates Mario Gutiérrez.

Companies are saturated with tools that often end up being niche solutions and make it difficult to have a general overview of all endpoints “security or infrastructure teams finds themselves with more than twenty niches solutions which do not communicate with each other yes, therefore, in the face of a cyber attack they take a long time to react” says Dante Cisternas, Engineering Manager of Emtec Group.

The company is offering, together with its partner Tanium, a unified platform, where all these niche modules are under a single agent, thus unifying the teams under the same tool, facilitating the administration, visibility, and protection of endpoints.

Currently, Emtec Group has a laboratory in Chile and provides proof of concept to its clients, as well as a four-day HealtCheck at no cost, in which the vulnerabilities of key components in security, data centers and other spaces are diagnosed. Of the IT infrastructure of companies. 

Be sure to visit the Emtec booth at the 7th Latin American Congress America Digital 2022. Buy your tickets here