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What it means to truly democratize Artificial Intelligence for marketing

Marketing and marketers have always been versatile, evolving and adapting to changing paradigms.

Whether it’s navigating myriad social media, an internet world without cookies, privacy regulations, Big Tech platform changes, or adapting to the latest developments in technology.

Today, we are well past the cusp of AI taking over the marketing world. We are now steadily progressing towards being proactive in our search for new AI tech to solve ever-arising marketingroadblocks. 

According to the IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022 report, 35% of companies reported using AI in their business, and an additional 42% reported they are exploring AI.

We are now at a point where there is true curiosity and drive to genuinely want to adopt AI for problem-solving. 

Therefore, it becomes important for the AI players to guide and familiarize marketers with the technology. 

The idea is never to sell a complex piece of technology that may never interest a non-technical person. 

Yes, it solves a problem but there is no point to the technology if it cannot be democratized comfortably enough to be used by marketers themselves.

Pixis, a California-based codeless AI infrastructure company, is making bold strides keeping ease of use and instant access to AI in mind. 

With its participation in the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, Pixis intends to throw light on what true AI democratization for marketers looks like. 

It is common knowledge that AI can be leveraged in-depth for business growth. The question that remains now is – how exactly does Pixis do this with their codeless AI infrastructure.

Rishi Dutta, Head of Performance – Latam at Pixis, will delve deeper into how marketers can leverage Pixis’ AI to effortlessly scale performance without ever needing to know, write or even understand code.

To begin with, Pixis makes it child’s play to integrate AI into marketing channels. With a 15-minute deployment time frame and requiring just 8 seconds to activate the AI, the infrastructure is completely codeless and effortless. 

This means there is never a need for marketing teams to go through exhausting onboarding formalities.

Furthermore, the entire AI infrastructure is easily deployable through an ingeniously simple plugin that can be downloaded and installed. No code. No complex platforms to learn and navigate. No hassle.

Upon deployment, the AI infrastructure kicks into action almost immediately. Below, we journey through how the Pixis AI aids in experimentation and crafting marketing strategies at, and for scale.

Targeting: It all begins with looking at how much we really know our audience

AI analyzes billions of historical data points to provide actionable insights that can help you understand your audience cohorts deeply. 

The AI conducts a thorough analysis and connects all inputs to glean meaningful patterns from these. There is continual optimization and bettering of your targeting, which only becomes sharper as you go.

In simple terms:

A codeless, self-evolving AI like Pixis enables brands to learn and evolve strategies as their audience themselves evolve. Essentially; better cohorting, more robust information without needing PII-level details, and audience expansion like never before.

Creatives: Speaking individually to your audience, at scale

‘Cutting through the clutter’ may sound like a cliched phrase but intelligently doing so is a rare occurrence. It was earlier unthinkable to generate contextual copies and creatives through Artificial Intelligence. 

But today, AI effortlessly produces hundreds of text and image variations that have the highest chances of leading to conversions. 

There are AI models to create communication that fits the needs of every audience cohort identified by the Pixis targeting AI.

In simple terms: Reaching out to millions of people with contextual and intelligent messaging at the right time and right place is as simple as reaching out to someone individually.

Optimization: Updating and adapting campaigns every second of every day

Marketers, at every point in time, need to know the best-performing platforms, communications, visuals, budget-shifting, trends-based changes, etc, to ensure target objectives are being met.

Helping them stay ahead always, AI systems continuously monitor and seamlessly take actions on live campaigns, and provide insights and feedback for future campaigns.

In simple terms: AI ensures that campaigns are optimized in real-time with minimal efforts from the marketers, giving them insights that propel the most desirable results.

To sum up, through codeless AI marketers have democratized access to incredible amounts of insights and have the means to set up unbelievable scales of experimentation for their brands.

AI has immense potential to drive great marketing results through the cornerstones of deciphering, segmenting, and reaching your target audience with messaging that is persuasive and relevant, while also optimizing campaigns through intelligent bid and budget optimization in real-time.

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