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Innovation, efficiency and new business opportunities for your company; learn more at the Congress In the current landscape, digital transformation has become an imperative need for the survival and growth of companies. In this journey, migration to the cloud and data analysis are essential steps. Obtaining these services in a specialized way is not only
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022 was held last September 7 and 8, bringing together 5,514 executives in innovation and digital transformation, to participate in the 102 conferences structured in 5 specialized forums and 2,289 1-on-1 business meetings along two days of inspiration and networking, generating  an
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GlobalLogic, a leading digital product engineering company, will participate at the Congress, where it will present key technologies for financial services. “Financial services users have more expectations than ever and companies must keep innovating in a highly competitive context. Therefore, it is essential to understand which technologies are defining digital banking and Fintech and start
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The pandemic has transformed the way almost all companies in Latin America work, and technological tools are even more important today to face this transformation. In recent years the way we work has changed radically; we have gone from almost total face-to-face to 100% remote work and now we are building a hybrid world of
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The company will present its three most outstanding products for companies in Latin America. GRUPOEXPRO Technology is a subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc, a Japanese consortium with global presence which provides consulting, development and implementation of technology strategies, along with digital solutions, focused on optimizing the processes of your organization. It is a company of high
  • CIO-liferay-america-digital
Companies seek to innovate, bring the disruptive, the new. Thousands of tools and technologies are available, but are they getting the basics right? What is the real role of an IT leader in this scenario? Emanuel Di Matteo, General Manager of Liferay in Latin America, will present these and other topics, that are changing the
  • proveedores
PartnerCheck, a solution by Equifax, seeks to be a meeting point between buying and supplying companies, by providing reliable information.  The platform facilitates access to information, leveling the playing field for SMEs and generating real savings in time and money associated with the search for suppliers. This platform will be one of the solutions that
  • fraudes
Since the pandemic and the rise of digital transactions, fraud has grown and become increasingly sophisticated. Topaz Cobis is one of the largest technology companies specialized in digital financial solutions in Latin America, with the most complete and adherent technological platform on the market. With more than 30 years experience, we are present in more
  • fintech-kushki
Paytech is rewriting Latin America’s economy at unprecedented levels and Kushki will discuss growth in the region during his participation in the Congress. Latin America is the region with the largest number of these types of companies, approaching 10,000 by the end of 2021. Brazil (771), Mexico (512) and Colombia (279) are the countries with
  • superpoderes intel
What are the opportunities in Latin America for digital development and transformation based on the advances in technology that have rapidly transformed the world? Intel is powered by four superpowers: cloud, 5G-powered connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the intelligent edge. Gisselle Ruiz Lanza, Intel’s regional director for Latin America, will present the fundamental elements to