Rishi Dutta (Colombia), Head of Performance, LatAm, at Pixis /

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Rishi Dutta is the Head of Performance, LatAm, at Pixis, a California-based tech startup that provides codeless AI infrastructure for brands to scale accurate data-driven marketing. At Pixis, he is leading initiatives in the LatAm region for brands looking to integrate Pixis’ codeless AI infrastructure to achieve better campaign performance across platforms. He is an economics graduate from Penn State University and has an MBA from Rutgers Business School. Dutta is a seasoned professional who has been working in marketing analytics, consumer insights, and performance marketing for the last 15 years across the globe.


Artificial Intelligence for Effortless, Intelligent, Agile, and Scalable Marketing

Modern marketing is all about juggling complex consumer behavior, changing laws and regulations, constantly evolving ad platforms, market saturation, and privacy concerns all at once. “Growth hacks” that worked in the past are no longer worth the damage they tend to do. In this talk, Rishi will discuss how, instead of following the reductionist logic that drives many marketing strategies, artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking a truly explorative perspective toward what actually works. He will also elaborate on what Pixis, a CA-based tech company that develops accessible AI technology, is doing to help brands scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of increasingly diverse audience behavior. Finally, he will briefly outline how incorporating codeless AI into marketing has enabled brands to optimize performance metrics across the spectrum, such as lowering the cost of customer acquisition, improving return on ad spend, and more.