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  • The pandemic has transformed the way almost all companies in Latin America work, and technological tools are even more important today to face this transformation.

In recent years the way we work has changed radically; we have gone from almost total face-to-face to 100% remote work and now we are building a hybrid world of work.  

To learn more about this we will have the pleasure to be present on September 7 and 8 at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022.  

Do not miss the talk of Christian Acosta, Senior Sales Manager Latin America and Caribbean: How to ensure hybrid work for every worker: How to have the best digital strategy for your company!

And visit the Citrix booth at the expo to learn about the company’s solutions for the different formats that companies are adopting.

We are giving a new shape to the concept of work and at the same time work is more than ever driven by technology.

Technology that allows us to be more connected with people and information, to collaborate, eliminating the borders of the office, that creates new spaces and possibilities for diverse talents and their particularities.

Hybrid work is increasingly positioned as the modality that employees want to work in. But for this model to really work there are two factors that companies should consider: 

The role of technology in hybrid work

In the hybrid world, technology is not just a tool but the glue that holds the organization together.

For people to be able to work and collaborate from anywhere, they need technology that allows them to work productively, that gives them access to all their work tools, that guarantees safety and empowers them to do their best work.

For us that is Citrix DaaS; a desktop-as-a-service works similarly to the way we use movie streaming services in our daily lives; the desktops are hosted in the cloud and delivered to each employee so they can access it from any place and device they prefer.

They can even choose the applications they want to have according to the work they do and customize that desktop as they would with a traditional one.

Their access is simple, they do not require large memory and storage capacity of the device and “digital waiting times” are not generated to access the information as it happens in VPN systems.

DaaS promotes a seamless, employee-centric work experience identical to being in the office, with fast and seamless access, collaboration and productivity.

Putting people at the center of strategy

Understanding that the same work model may not apply to all employees is a great step to take to put people at the center of strategies and generate a better space in which talents want to stay and where new professionals want to join. 

That is why today many workers are looking for a new and radical flexibility that allows them to shape their work to suit their own style and even their life.

The technology to enable that flexibility is already available, but in this area the corporate culture and the vision of the leaders is fundamental for that change to really take place.

Thinking of technology as a service delivered to users, is the true way to bet on a hybrid work experience of excellence, where people are at the center of the strategy. 

Don’t miss Christian Acosta’s talk and visit the Citrix booth at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress 2022. Buy your tickets here