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The 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022 was held last September 7 and 8, bringing together 5,514 executives in innovation and digital transformation, to participate in the 102 conferences structured in 5 specialized forums and 2,289 1-on-1 business meetings along two days of inspiration and networking, generating  an economic impact of over US$ 500 million in the digital economy of Latin America.

We would like to share with you the executive summary and the best moments of our face-to-face and online event event. The two incredible days of networking, inspiration, technology, business, and trends allowed us to be closer and to continue growing and improving our organizations.

The Congress returned to its face-to-face format after 3 years of taking place online, with a resounding success. Espacio Riesco was the scenario to reconnect with +200 exhibitors, +100 speakers and 1-on-1 meetings with representatives of the main companies in Latin America. 

The conference program began on September 7th. Journalist Guillermo Arduino welcomed the attendees and presented Lesley Robles, director of America Digital. Together, they celebrated the return to the face-to-face event and greeted all those who participated in the event from the virtual platform.

Photo 1: This is how America Digital Latin American Congress 2022 started in Espacio Riesco

In his inaugural speech, Lesley Robles highlighted the importance of the digital transformation that businesses in Latin America are undergoing, and how the pandemic has been a catalyst in the region for all industries, including events.

“Pandemics was the biggest accelerator of digital transformation (…) After surviving, adapting and transforming ourselves, we took the pandemic as an opportunity and expanded our event to Mexico and the United States,” said the director. 

Then, he presented the Congress and its 5 specialized forums:

  • International Seminar
  • C-Level Digital Transformation Forum (A and B)
  • C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum
  • C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum
  • Expo Conferences
Photo 2: Lesley Robles, Director of America Digital, welcomed attendees to Espacio Riesco
and those who followed the event through the digital platform.

Over two days, 5,514 executives from Latin America participated in more than two thousand 1-on-1 business meetings that led to multiple business opportunities, walked the show floor and met with VPs and experts from Google Cloud, Binance, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Intel, Mulesoft and Tableau, Exness, Darktrace, Alibaba Cloud, Mambu, Jumio, ManageEngine, Zoho, Adobe, Incode, Cloudera, Rackspace, PureStorage, Rindegastos, Cradlpeoint, Baufest, Xius and other 200 disruptive companies in the region.

International Seminar

This year, Guillermo Arduino, Emmy Award, was the host of the International Seminar, which began with the conference of Alejandro D’Andrea (Chile), CIO of Walmart Chile, who spoke about the successful digital transformation implementations that digital native companies have achieved and pointed out what others (non-native companies) can learn from them. The program continued with the conference about the culture of innovation at Amazon, by Gustavo Santana (Brazil), Director Cloud Acceleration Solutions Architecture at AWS.

Then, it was the turn of Gisselle Ruiz Lanza (Brazil), Regional Director for Intel Latin America, who presented the four superpowers companies should have to create a digital reality within the digital transformation era. The program concluded with Maximiliano Hinz (Argentina), Director of Binance in Latin America, explaining the role of blockchain in Latin American economies and its future in financial transactions.

Photo 3: Giselle Ruiz Lanza, Alejandro D’Andrea, Maximiliano Hinz and Gustavo Santana were
the keynotes of the first part of the conference program for this year

At the end of the conferences, Guillermo Arduino thanked the attendees for their participation and the 4 specialized forums started, with speakers who inspired, presented success stories of digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies and processes for the optimization of the added value to companies of all sizes and from all Latin American countries.

Photo 4: Guillermo Arduino, journalist and Emmy Award winner, welcomed
the attendees and introducing the speakers of the International Seminar program.

C-Level Digital Transformation Forum

Since last year, the C-Level Digital Transformation Forum had to expand to two simultaneous rooms due to the large number of speakers participating in this forum. Gaba Nuñez, journalist and TV host, was the moderator and presenter of the Digital Transformation Forum A in which Verbio, Check Point, Oracle, Bing Bang, OktaAuth0 LATAM and Alibaba Cloud participated.

Kam He-america digital
Photo 5: Kam He, Director of Solutions & Consulting at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, explained the role of Latin America in the future and the importance of having data centers in the region to increase the digital transformation of companies
Nicolas Urena-america digital
Photo 6: “You have to understand what resources you have available, and you see resources such as financial resources and capacity, but I think the most important part is human resources,” said Nicolás Urena, Director of Global Expansion at Big Bang, during his conference.

The Digital Transformation Forum B, in Room II at Espacio Riesco, was hosted by Hernán Benavente, a specialist in digital transformation processes in companies. This forum welcomed high level speakers of PureStorage, Cloudera, BMC and AXITY, Dock, Equifax and Adobe.

Gerardo Bonilla-america digital
Photo 7: Gerardo Bonilla, Chief Revenue Officer of Dock, said that more and more people are looking for solutions
to integrate their finances with new technological payment platforms.
Abhas Ricky-america digital
Photo 8: The hybrid cloud is a reality in Latin American companies and companies must understand how
it works to get the best results, said Abhas Ricky, Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera, in his conference.

The Digital Transformation Forums A and B September 8 from 9 am to 7 pm. During the day, attendees had the opportunity to listen the conferences of speakers from Intel, Cloudhesive, Digibee, Coldview, Tsys, Metamap, Cybertrust, Alldatum, Liferay, Google Cloud, Zoho, VoxImplant, Knowbe4, Tableau, Software AG, Rackspace, Cloudflare, Coursera, CLM Digital Solutions, AWS, ManageEngine, Neo4j, Veeam, South Data and NetApp.

C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum

The attendees participated in this forum with enthusiasm. Fresia Soltof, journalist of TVN, was our moderator for the C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum during the two days of the Congress, where speakers presented different scenarios about what companies are experiencing with the digitalization of banking and some fintech explained how they are attending different demands from biggest companies and customers, and talk about real solutions to meet the needs of banking users in the continent.  Speakers from Bicecorp, Mulesoft, Modyo, Auna, N5, Jumio and Semantix participated in the first day of the forum.

Soledad Oneto America Digital
Photo 10: Soledad Onetto, chilean journalist, presented “The Pitch”, a workshop for companies sponsored by N5.
AUNA-america digital
Photo 11: Jaime Pradenas and Marco Alarcón, from AUNA, presented the benefits of blockchain in the banking industry and both speakers emphasized that blockchain is a tool to solve problems, so companies should not think of it as an end.
Sebastián Fuenzalida-america digital
Photo 12: Sebastián Fuenzalida, Head of BICE Connect of BICECORP and special guest at the event, opened this forum with a case study on embedded finance.

Day 2 of Digital Banking & Fintech Forum featured a diverse program on financial topics and speakers who traveled from different parts of Latin America to share their experiences with the attendees at Espacio Riesco and through the digital platform. Speakers from Binance, Chubb, Facephi, Citrix, Kushki, GlobalLogic, Darktrace, Exness, Koibanx, COBIS-Topaz, Incode, Mambu and Axway participated in the event.

Expo Conferences 

On the first day of activities, there were two Expo Conference rooms at the venue with a large audience. In Room A, Marjorie Cooper, journalist and host, moderated the participation of speakers from Grupo Tawa, Omnilatam, Bright Data, Sermaluc, Tautenet and Brink’s, who presented their innovative solutions and trends for the coming years.

Marco Ponce America Digital
Photo 14: Marco Ponce, CEO of Sermaluc, introduced the software that is revolutionizing the platforms in Chile oriented to credit services.
Julio Arrieta-america digital
Photo 15: “The world is changing, and we have had to reinvent ourselves,” said Julio Arrieta Gisbert, Managing Partner of Grupo Tawa Chile, during his conference about the implementation of technological changes in companies.

In Room V of Espacio Riesco, the talks of Conferences Expo B Forum were held simultaneously. The program was presented by journalist Guillermo Arduino and speakers included representatives of companies from all over Latin America: Couchbase, FactorIT, Inmetrics, Pixis, Multivende and Xius.

Matias Barahona America Digital
Photo 16: Guillermo Arduino introduces Matias Barahona, CEO of Multivende, before giving his conference The impact of omnichannel in eCommerce: integrated end-to-end solutions.
Arturi Sánchez-america digital
Photo 17: Arturo Sánchez Contreras, Head of Business Unit for Latam at Xius, launched the brand’s new 5G network solution to help companies in different industries achieve the digital model they desire.

Day 2 of Conferences Expo was full of different topics, going from human beings in the digital era, cryptocurrencies, sustainability and innovation, new trends in payments, financial presented speakers from CrowdAr, ACI Worldwide, Automation Anywhere, Baufest, Rindegastos, U-Payments, Evertec, AMD, Exness and IFX Networks.

C-Level 5G, IoT & Telco Forum

This specialized forum took placed on September 8 and was hosted and moderated by Guillermo Arduino, journalist and presenter. In this Forum, speakers from Google Cloud, Cradlepoint, GTD, Oracle and Eutelsat discussed the need for better connectivity in the region and the role of 5G network in Latin America growth and development


The America Digital Congress received more than five thousand guests with a state-of-the-art set-up in Espacio Riesco after three years of holding the Congress digitally.

We took care of every detail of the set-up on the exhibition floor so that our clients could showcase their solutions in an innovative space, and ensure that attendees had comfortable spaces to visit the expo, network and enjoy all the activities we had at the Congress.

Video: Watch the Expo from the aerial view of our drone.

For two days, more than 200 brands were in Espacio Riesco presenting their products and launching their new solutions for Latin American companies; from applications for integration and implementation of new technologies, cloud solutions and the arrival of hybrid cloud in the region, digital identity and biometrics, digital banking and digital money, to connectivity, 5G network and telecommunications.

1 to 1 meetings

In the 7th edition of America Digital Latin American Congress, 2,289 1-on-1 business meetings were held in Espacio Riesco. Through our digital application, attendees were able to schedule their meetings and connect with C-Level and representatives of the most important companies in the region.

The economic impact of these meetings is US$ 500 million in the digital economy of Latin America, thanks to the business that were conducted during these days with the Congress attendees.

Media Coverage

During the 7th Latin American Congress on Technology and Business America Digital 2022, our channel America Digital News TV exclusively interviewed the speakers who participated in the conference program and broadcasted them live nearly 120.000 subscribers in Latin America. In addition to the traditional channels, this year we broadcast in real time on social networks, reaching more than 40,000 digital users. 

Photo 23: Over two days, America Digital News interviewed the speakers who participated in the Congress and transmitted more than 18 hours live.
redes sociales america digital
Photo 24: Through Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, the activities of the Congress were broadcasted
in almost real time to America Digital’s followers.

Closing Party

Coming to the end, we all together enjoyed the closing party of the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology with DJ Caro Garcia, in a relaxed space with a great atmosphere. 

Photo 25: DJ Caro García performed at the closing party of the Congress.

Lesley Robles gave the closing speech and thanked the sponsors, speakers and the America Digital team for making possible the return to face-to-face event in Espacio Riesco and pointed out the effectiveness of the digital platform hat allowed people from around the world to get connected and enjoy the Congress remotely. America Digital will continue working to connect the C-Levels and the most innovative brands of Latin America and the world in its events. 

America Digital will continue working to connect the C-Levels and the most innovative brands of Latin America and the world in its events. Join us in the 8th Technology and Business Congress Mexico 2023, next June 21-22 in Mexico City, and the 8th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2023 at Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida, on November 15-16.

If your organization missed this year’s Latin American Congress, you can participate as a Sponsor / Exhibitor / Speaker and/or delegation in either México or Miami 2023. More information about America Digital Congress in Mexico 2023, visit https://mx.america-digital.com and America Digital Congress in Miami 2023, go tot https://us.america-digital.com . Request a 30-minute meeting with a corporate account here. Only 20 new spots are available for new companies and reservations must be made before November 30, 2022!


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