Julio Arrieta Gisbert (Spain), Partner – Director in Grupo Tawa – Chile /

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Julio Arrieta Gisbert is currently Partner and Director at Grupo Tawa – Chile, a business group specialized in providing solutions in people, outsourcing and business management. With a career that extends up to 35 years, Julio has served as CEO at Adecco Latam and North America. Also, he has held leadership roles in top-tier Spanish companies such as Prosegur and Ferrovial.

After 3 years working in the Chinese market, Julio took over the leadership of Grupo Tawa Chile, and from the beginning of his administration he promoted the company’s digital transformation. With the support of a specialized team, he led the development of innovation projects to benefit clients, so that they could access transparently and in real time to key information for decision-making. This technology was later exported to the United States.


About how technology set us free… or not!

Traditionally, we perceive technology as a set of advances that make our lives easier. Nevertheless, focusing on business, at the other side of the scale we find ourselves having lost contact with people. In this dissertation we will address how a fight is being held to humanize a world whose competitiveness is pushing us more and more to dehumanize us.