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  • Companies using this strategy are more likely to retain their customers, according to different studies conducted in Latin America. 

According to Aberdeen Group, companies with omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers, on average. In recent years, technological advances have had a profound impact on the financial and insurance sector. 

And providing an effective omnichannel experience will not only make it possible to offer an excellent customer experience, but will also help to retain existing customers and attract new ones. 

In addition, IE University’s Loyalty Barometer study revealed 72% of companies that dedicate more resources to customer loyalty are more profitable. 

Therefore, implementing an effective omnichannel strategy will make your company more profitable. 

However, this action entails a series of technological challenges that can delay or even stop the successful development of an omnichannel strategy, if not properly sized. 

We will talk about this in the conference 5 technological challenges that financial institutions and insurance companies face when implementing omnichannel solutions, which will be given by Coldview’s COO, Luis Francisco Martínez in 7th America Digital Latinamerican Congress of Business & Technology 2022

At Coldview we have more than 50 years of experience offering our own software products for information management in the financial, insurance and retail industries throughout Latam, with the added value of consulting services and implementation of projects that are supported by a team of specialized professionals. 

Omnichannel transformation 

Customers have changed the way they relate to companies because their expectations have been transformed. 

Now, more than ever in history, they are looking for a seamless and valuable experience across all contact channels. Therefore, all companies need technological tools that allow them to successfully face this challenge. 

This is where solutions such as Coldview CCM (Customer Communication Management) come in, providing an authentic omnichannel experience.  

A platform designed to offer more personalized communications through relevant and timely messages through the customer’s preferred channels. 

Through notifications to mobile apps, text and WhatsApp messages, emails, social networks, and other specific channels, allowing them, at the same time, to access from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

In this context, interaction has become particularly relevant. For this reason, more and more customers expect companies to provide a more dynamic experience through two-way communications. 

This is another great advantage of implementing an omnichannel strategy with Coldview. 

However, banking and insurance face a particular challenge: the customer journey of their users is not linear.

They contact each other through different devices and are likely to start a transaction through one channel and conclude it through another.

 For this reason, organizations need to have accurate, real-time, and centralized information, so that the customer receives a fluid interaction at each point of contact.

Considering that every activity generates data, we can affirm that the volume of information handled by financial and insurance companies is enormous. 

But, by having the right technological tools, these registers are transformed into valuable information to make decisions, analyze performance and improve through reports.

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