April 20, 2022

Dimacofi is a Chilean company, a Closed Stock Company, with a presence throughout the country, founded in 1927. For 92 years it has been present in the national market, always incorporating technologies in the companies that operate in Chile. Its beginning was the importation of typewriters, years later the photocopier, printer, fax, wide-format equipment, digital technology, until today reaching solutions for the transformation of work in the digital age.

Dimacofi provides and manages the electronic document printing and management service to the main companies in the country. Our offer consists of adding value to document-intensive business processes, for which we have a technological platform and document management that includes printing and electronic data management and intelligent information flows, a team of consultants in process reengineering and service own technician throughout Chile. It has currently positioned itself as a trusted advisor for companies that require technological solutions to improve their business processes, for which it has a multi-technology platform, service and presence throughout the country, along with a team of specialized professionals. Dimacofi is present in various industries in the local market such as health, education, banking, public sector, retail, among other sectors. In addition, it promotes the use of clean and sustainable technologies. All these years and experience have positioned Dimacofi as a leader in printing and document management solutions. Today, Dimacofi is committed to becoming a strategic partner for the transformation of work in the digital age.

We understand that in a world where changes occur at breakneck speed, it is necessary to visualize, understand, learn and apply all the necessary tools and strategies to meet the demands of our clients, with the best solutions that their businesses require. Under this framework, we want to be a trusted partner for them, an ally to better face the technological changes they face through a multi-product technological platform; In other words, to be the link that allows them to obtain the maximum benefit from current technologies in pursuit of greater efficiency and profitability in their businesses.