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  • U-Payments in America Digital 2022: the importance of a payments platform with end-to-end solutions for enterprises

In recent years, the growing digitalization of Latin American people has allowed the emergence of new financial products to decrease the banking and financial gap that still keeps many out of the digital economy.

In fact, The World Bank study indicates that only 42% of adults in LATAM use digital payments, and 11% adopted this payment format because of the covid-19 health crisis.

Before the pandemic, in 2018, Paulo Paulek and Gabriel Vozza were having a coffee when they identified that one of the main dilemmas for financial democratization in LATAM was the difficulty of companies, both in infrastructure and legal issues, to develop financial products for the masses.

This is how U-Payments was founded. Today we dedicate to consulting, advising and implementation of payment solutions, to find solutions and solving the needs of companies and social organizations which work for a better financial inclusion.

As members of the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Technology and Business 2022, the company will explain the importance of offering “end-to-end” payment solutions, in order to achieve that any financial, insurance, retail, Fintech, mass consumption companies among others integrates and offers innovative solutions, such as remittances, cards (physical and digital) and transaction solutions, to achieve the long-awaited 100% access to digital payments in the adult population in LATAM.

Paulo Paulek, U-Payments’ CEO, emphasizes that “our mission is to create the most complete payment solutions platform in the continent, with the simplest integration for any company. That’s why we are involved in the entire payment chain: from transaction processing, through the development of digital platforms and even being the card issuer”.

In addition, the U-Payments executive adds: “the idea is that any company that needs, for example, cards processing, pre paid card issue or to integrate a service to send money abroad, can quickly develop this project by contacting a single company. We offer an end-to-end service with the highest technology and low cost”.

Financial Democratization Products

Since 2018, U-Payments has already opened physical offices in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Mexico and the United States -huge market of 500 million people- and soon in Europe.

However, the most notable expansion has taken place in terms of product.

A few weeks ago, the company launched two new financial products, according to its close partnership with Mastercard.

The first on the list is U-Money Send, a remittance service that allows money to be sent and received in local currency to 145 countries (reaching 90% of the whole population), in less than 24 hours, and even in five minutes.

This promises to revolutionize the currency in circulation to make it more agile, secure and user-friendly for end customers and suppliers.

Also, with its multi-brand processor, Cloud, 3DS secure and tokenization, EpoPay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, among others, the company is able to process, conciliate and authorize end-to-end transactions to issuers.

In fact, Paulek says that “U-Pay Processing is also an acquiring processor, adding online merchants never seen before in developed markets.

All this Cloud infrastructure of applications, processing and acquiring is what allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions, promoting new products and services oriented to B2B and B2B2C”.

According to The Global Payments Report 2022, e-commerce in Latin American markets will see double-digit annual growth by 2025, including Brazil (18%) and Mexico (17%).

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