Paulo Paulek (Chile), CEO U-PAYMENTS /

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Entrepreneur, expert in Payment Solutions in LATAM and the Caribbean Countries. With over than 20 years of experience in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Perú, has provided technological solutions and comprehensive services in very complexes, sensitive and regulated scenarios, such as Banking and Retail. Leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver cutting-edge platforms in very restricted time frames and with great impact.


Financial inclusion is a reality. End-to-end solutions at low cost.

Five years ago, Paulo Paulek and his partner Gabriel Vozza were having a coffee in Santiago when they identified the main problem of financial democratization access in LATAM was an issue for companies to develop financial products for everyone. At U-Payments, we build and develop ecosystems for the different payment solutions, either physical or digital, and we adapt our strategic and technological solutions to the needs and requirements of all our clients.

This is how U-Payments was born, detecting – from their experience – the opportunity for companies to launch new financial products in a simple, fast and massive way, using platforms that operate the whole chain of the payment ecosystem. For example, card processing, issuing a physical or digital prepaid card or integrating a service to sending remittance, it can be quickly developed through a single company, and not multiple, as usually the case.

These end-to-end services, with the highest technology, security and low price, have the challenge to reverse the gap in the Latin American population who don’t use digital payments. We hope to take advantage of the growth of the payments market, which is expected to exceed double digits in 2025