Matias Chmiel (Israel), Sales Director Latam Bright Data /

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Matias Chmiel, a data-driven and tech-savvy business leader, is the Director of Sales at Bright Data for LATAM. With his vast data-driven experience, from government data systems to the private market, Chmiel has built a deep relationship with multiple global company brands, understanding their market challenges, as well as business goals. Prior to his career at Bright Data, Chmiel worked at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a leading multinational company in the defense industry, focusing on accelerating growth for LATAM. Chmiel’s career in the data domain has been driven for more than a decade by his firm belief that the proper use of real-time and historical data can only lead to success within this ever-evolving economy.

Bright Data is the industry leader in public web data collection. The company serves thousands of customers around the world, including major e-commerce companies, major financial companies, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as security companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.


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