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  • The company will present its three most outstanding products for companies in Latin America.

GRUPOEXPRO Technology is a subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc, a Japanese consortium with global presence which provides consulting, development and implementation of technology strategies, along with digital solutions, focused on optimizing the processes of your organization.

It is a company of high innovation and technological development, with main focus on people, professional development, inclusion and sustainability.

GRUPOEXPRO will be presenting its strategic solutions at the stand of the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, this September 7 and 8.

In Latin America, GRUPOEXPRO has more than 20,000 collaborators, supporting more than 300 companies in different industries.

Among our solutions we highlight:

Auronix: Omnichannel messaging platform that improves the conversational experience with your customers and the traceability of their requirements.

WorkInSync: Comprehensive office management in hybrid work mode.

Agile Cells: High performance teams for your software development projects, using agile methodologies, achieving the best results with national and international staff.

Be sure to visit their booth on the exhibition floor of the 7th Latin American Congress America Digital 2022. Buy your tickets here