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Companies seek to innovate, bring the disruptive, the new. Thousands of tools and technologies are available, but are they getting the basics right? What is the real role of an IT leader in this scenario?

Emanuel Di Matteo, General Manager of Liferay in Latin America, will present these and other topics, that are changing the way of seeing the role of the CIO, in his talk at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, to be held on the 7th and 8th of September.

The director at Liferay, a company that develops a cloud-based digital experience platform, closely follows the digital transformation projects of large Latin American companies, some of which are Liferay clients.

From his experience, he will show that despite the potential for strategic influence that the CIO can have, today these professionals are often only subject to managing operations and guaranteeing the availability of the business in digital channels.


Di Matteo adds that IT can, and should, be the main ally of the business areas, such as marketing, sales, HR or customer service, in understanding customer needs and offering personalized digital solutions in this scenario. Then, the strategic CIO would be able to direct efforts towards technological disruptions that can give the company competitive advantages

“Digital transformation is a business responsibility with a set of continuous analysis and decisions that seeks to change the way the organization carries out transactions with its processes, internal and external customers. IT is one of the engines to make this transformation possible, using technology focused on results for the business, and not as a technical element”.

Emanuel Di Matteo, General Manager of Liferay in Latin America

In addition, the digital environment of organizations is increasingly complex, adding new tools and encompassing not only the company but also the entire ecosystem that surrounds it, with suppliers, business partners, competitors, among others.

Considering this, CIOs are left with the important role of positioning the company in the most efficient way possible, enhancing business opportunities and being the support that the company needs to keep up with the constant changes in the market.

However, to succeed in these challenges, IT leaders are challenged to first deliver the basics: digital experiences that work and streamlined processes that lower costs and increase operational capacity.

How to reposition the IT area to make it more relevant for companies? And even more, will IT be the engine to reinvent business? What are the technologies that are supporting CIOs in these challenges? The leader of Liferay in Latin America presents this debate at the 7th America Digital Latin American of Business & Technology 2022.

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