Jose Antonio Lagos ( Chile), CEO y Managing Partner Cybertrust LATAM /

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José Antonio has more than 25 years of experience in Technology Consulting, associated with

topics of Risk Management, Digital Culture, Cybersecurity and Audit in Information Security, among other subjects.

He is currently the CEO and Managing Partner of Cybertrust LATAM, a company based in Chile dedicated to providing Consulting services in various areas, including Digital and Cultural Transformation, Risk Management, Security Implementations in ERP Packages, Cyber Resilience and Cyber Crisis, Forensic Analysis, Security Operation Center, Vulnerability Management and Ethical Hacking, Continuous Monitoring and Auditing,   Data Analytics among others.

The purpose of Cybertrust is to accompany the Digital Transformation processes of companies, ensuring digital asset, organizational resilience and continuous monitoring.

At the same time he is academic secretary and professor in the Diploma of Cybersecurity for the University of Chile, and professor in Cybersecurity Audit in the Diploma in Internal Audit of the same house of studies.

His academic training includes 5 master’s degrees, in Business Management, Marketing, Technology, Energy and Cybersecurity. He has also had the opportunity to study cybersecurity and Digital Transformation at MIT Professional Education and Carnegie Mellon University.

He is currently developing his doctoral thesis project to obtain the academic degree of Doctor in Business Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile. In addition, José Antonio holds the following professional certifications, CISM, CISA and CDPSE, granted by ISACA International, and is an accredited instructor by this same institution.

He has given multiple lectures, classes and panels on Risk Management, Technology, Cybersecurity and Culture for universities, and private companies.


The Impact of Digital Transformation on Cybersecurity: From Survival to Sustainability

 We are witnessing 3 great changes as a society, geopolitical changes, climate change and technological changes, changes generally mentioned as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Digital Journey or WEB 3.0, which implies a series of opportunities that organizations of one way or another to use to start your digital transformation journey. This transformation process impacts people, processes and technology, which allows the creation of new digital assets that generate value, but in turn the organization has the responsibility to protect the value generated, hence the importance of cybersecurity as an enabler of Digital Transformation process and the actions to develop, which can lead the company to maintain its leadership over time and be sustainable or simply survive in an increasingly turbulent digital economy. This conference will explain the various stages in which an organization can find itself in its Digital Transformation journey from the perspective of Cybersecurity.