All companies have different kinds of access, depending on the roles of the workers, or the confidentiality of the information, for example. 

How to achieve proper access management?

The answer to this question can be complex. However, we must be clear that having several administrators with privileged access to various platforms is a common, but a bad practice.

Having multiple privileged accesses is equivalent to having a bunker with many doors. Sure, they’re all closed, but there’s more chance of a breach if criminals attack all of them at once.

In the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, Wilson Calderon, ManageEngine Regional Technical Specialist, will present the talk ‘Service accounts: more power, more responsibility’.

This conference will address topics such as the importance of service account management, privileged access management, good practices and recommendations to take into account for successful PAM (Privileged Access Management).

Until the moment of this presentation arrives, from ManageEngine LATAM we present four keys for good PAM management, according to Gartner.

  1. Track and secure all privileged accounts

Discovery of privileged accounts is very important. The existence of any unintended privileged access (even for a short period) carries significant risk. Discovery processes must be continuous.

Information gathering will be necessary to develop governance for privileged access and will also provide action-oriented data that will allow administrators to target and remove inappropriate privileged access.

2. Govern and control access

There are two essential aspects to take into account. First, establish effective lifecycle processes to ensure all changes to accounts with privileged access are known; and second, to establish proper tracking to monitor each privileged account and what that account can access.

Just-in-time access is the recommended method for privileged access because it is based on the principle that access is granted for only a short period of time and then removed, leaving no permanent privileged access.

3. Record and audit all privileged activity

An effective PAM program requires visibility into what privileged users are doing and what changes have been made. A combination of tools (whenever possible and feasible) establishes visibility.

Privileged session recording can provide views of privileged activity and should be a fundamental part of a PAM toolset.

4. Automate some tasks

Automation initiatives can be overlooked when creating a PAM practice. Good targets for automation are predictable and repeatable tasks, such as simple configuration changes, software installations, service restarts, log management, startup, and shutdown.

Effective automation should increase reliability and safety by removing the “human” element, thereby increasing efficiency and ultimately helping the business achieve its strategic goals.

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