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Exhibiting at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, Learnship officially enters the Latin American market, following its acquisition of corporate training company GlobalEnglish!

In June 2022, the name GlobalEnglish disappeared entirely to become Learnship – a global player offering new services to improve international language skills and intercultural communication competencies.  

Learnship was initially launched in 2008 in Cologne, Germany. In the following decade, Learnship grew to become a global leader in online business language and cross-cultural communications training, serving more than 2,000 corporate clients worldwide. 

In February 2019, it accelerated its international expansion, backed by a 10-million-euro investment from the THI Investment group. The same year, the company acquired GlobalEnglish, a worldwide leader in providing business English communication e-learning solutions to corporate learners. 

GlobalEnglish has been a major e-learning player in America since 1999, having trained more than 3 million learners through its language learning platform, and building long-standing relationships with corporate clients in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. GlobalEnglish’s L&D programs driven with prestigious clients like CEMEX and Hanesbrands have regularly been awarded at the Brandon Hall Awards, the Oscars of the EdTech industry.  

Learnship brings a new language learning and intercultural competencies training approach to Latin America: Precision Learning. 

Over the past ten years, Learnship has built the broadest possible range of training solutions to cover all employee needs, from initial assessment to large-scale e-learning technologies to more customized solutions such as trainer-led individual learning, expatriation preparation, or executive coaching.

But while Learnship offers a comprehensive range of solutions, the company continues to question the status quo.  And that is what Precision Learning is all about.  

Unveiled in Latin America last year, Precision Learning is an innovative training format more suited to enterprises’ needs than any other language training. In a nutshell, Precision Learning is about offering less time-consuming, more business-focused, and cost-effective language courses.

In just 5 to 22 weeks, professionals get to intensively train in specific business language skills and situations that matter to them. The programs delivers never-seen-before engagement rates, translating into 30% faster progression than with a traditional language learning approach. 

Another advantage of Precision Learning is that it makes learning measurable. A granular approach makes it possible to predict and measure the skills acquired by the learners precisely, week after week.

A digital dashboard allows program owners to track learner progress, from vocabulary and grammar to negotiation and presentation skills in a foreign language.  

“Learnship is not a simple provider of business language and cross-cultural communications training anymore” explains Thomas Engelbertz, Learnship’s CEO. “It is a true strategic partner for business improvement.

By focusing on business language and relevant topics, we help companies improve employee proficiency, retention rates, quality of hire, culture, save costs, and reduce skills gap.” 

Giving a voice to all talents in Latin America  

The merger of Learnship and GlobalEnglish does not mark the disappearance of GlobalEnglish’s values. On the contrary, it draws its ambition to strengthen and offer an even greater quality and variety of services.

The core mission will remain to “give a voice to global talent.” GlobalEnglish is at a crucial turning point, and this name change symbolizes the need to cover more ambitions than “just” teaching English.  

To learn more about Learnship, visit their booth at the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022. Buy your tickets here