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The pandemic has ratified the claim that Jabra held years ago that “work” is no longer a place to go, it is an activity that is carried out from anywhere.  New ways of working must be accompanied by technology to equip executives with tools that allow them to collaborate with other workers anytime, anywhere. Anahí
What is Omnichannel Marketing and Why is it Important for Small Businesses? Omnichannel marketing is a business strategy that relies on several different types of content distributed across various media for the purposes of building brand awareness and driving revenue. Typically, small businesses are either unaware of omnichannel marketing or are reluctant to adopt the
Solutions such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or Internet of Things (IoT) have become recurring concepts in the business world, required for companies’ digital transformation. All of them find their common denominator in cloud computing, which has developed and matured in the last several years. A key turning point. The decision to join the technology revolution
Nowadays, organizations of all sizes have realized the need to make use of technological tools, not only to identify and plan their business objectives, but also to automate processes and enhance the management of their services. Therefore, digitally transforming the management of services and processes in organizations is a fundamental need. Companies need to increase
  Now more than ever, our work is online. You will have had meetings online, maybe even board meetings, and know how tricky they can be, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Digital meeting software can ease the burden dramatically. Here at Convene, we know how to ensure you have the most productive
Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, has become a leading tech investment destination. Its capacity to offer and to attract talent, its quality of life and a powerful tech startup ecosystem are some of the reasons behind this phenomenon. Wherever you find an accumulation of talent, interesting things take place. This is true in all walks of life,
Big Bang will be part of the – helps businesses plan digital strategy, deploy business solutions, and create organizational expertise for growth. Article originally published in Forbes Business Council A lobster will molt its shell for a larger one to grow in its place, a cactus will grow into its pot, a turtle’s growth may
Alibaba Cloud, participated in our 6th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business America Digital · 100% Online, and today it proudly presents itself as a partner of many companies worldwide in their journey of digital transformation and business innovation. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people are now increasingly dependent on information technology in their work and in their daily...
Stefanini Group will be present as an exhibitor at the 6th Latin American Technology and Business Congress ‘America Digital’ 2021 next October 06 and 07, in a 100% online event that brings together more than 5000 leaders of the digital transformation of the Americas, in search of technological solutions to enhance productivity, management, communication, marketing and sales processes that...
As the world moves into the second decade of the 21st century, it faces unforeseen challenges that will not only reshape our daily lives, but will also drive millions of professionals to explore different ways of doing business, pursue new careers, improve their skills, return to train and keep up with the demands of the industry, ahead of...