Stefanini Group will be present as an exhibitor at the 6th Latin American Technology and Business Congress ‘America Digital’ 2021 next October 06 and 07, in a 100% online event that brings together more than 5000 leaders of the digital transformation of the Americas, among global providers and local Technology, ICT, Telecom, IoT, Mobile, IA, M2M, Cloud, Big Data, SaaS, IT Security, Apps, ERPs / CRMs, Fintech, e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising with C-Level of the leading companies, Banks, Telcos and Governments in Latin America in search of technological solutions to enhance productivity, management, communication, marketing and sales processes that help the region in the digital transformation of its businesses and industries.

When technology transformed the financial world.

With the conference ‘Banking as a future: when technology transformed the financial world’, as part of the C-level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum, Hugo Ernesto Amado, Leader of Innovation & Digital Business for Latin America at Stefanini Group, will represent the group of financial solutions of the global company of Brazilian origin with a presence in more than 41 countries and more than 27,000 employees around the world.

Not only the circumstances of COVID-19 have maintained a process of forced change in the banking sector, but also the boom and consolidation of technology itself is allowing the consolidation of more profitable, efficient and agile companies as a result of the digital transformation. This is the analysis proposed by Hugo Ernesto Amado, Leader of Innovation & Digital Business for Latin America at Stefanini Group, about which he will speak during his participation in the 6th Latin American Congress America Digital – 100% Online, where he will reflect on how the banking sector seeks the way to take advantage of the experience acquired during the Covid-19 pandemic period to promote digital banking with the innovation that is allowing us to continue obtaining important technological progress and in terms of business models, and on the projections expected for the year 2022.

Sustainability of companies in the banking sector.

The speaker representing Stefanini Group and also a university professor of Financial Mathematics promotes an essential conference during the Digital Expo in a context of forced change in the banking sector derived from the rise and consolidation of technology: “the digital age challenges us to create and recreate financial business models permanently, where the generation of experiences and the development of new channels and platforms become vital for the sustainability of companies in the banking sector ”, he explains.

Hugo Amado, with extensive experience in digital transformation in the banking sector, is an avid seeker of knowledge and trends and will help us understand and anticipate the next great advance in technology and will share how Stefanini Group has managed to co-create success stories in each stage of the financial sector journey.

“We will explore how to make it possible through the cutting-edge technologies that support the digital financial transformation that today’s customers demand to choose a bank, to use its services and to continue doing so in the future in the new digital competitive context”, exposes the expertin Strategy, Innovation and Financial Services responsible for the successful management of the Visa Argentina and Banelco merger projects, the sale of Visa Argentina to the Advent Internacional group and the digital transformation of Prisma Medios de Pago.

“In my conference I will share practical cases on Onboarding & Fraud Detection; Customer Experience, Engagement, Payments, Business Performance, Core Banking Platform and Back-Office. In addition, I will help them understand local and global trends that are coming in the medium and long term,” explains Hugo Amado. Hugo Ernesto Amado has a degree in Economics, intra-entrepreneur, lover of challenges and the development of creative and innovative solutions; a promoter of adaptation and understanding of changing and global environments. In addition, he has a vast international career as an executive in Business Strategy, Innovation and Financial Services, and has held senior management positions at Visa Argentina, Prisma Medios de Pago, Banelco and PagoMisCuentas, being responsible for Finance, M&A, Innovation, Transformation and Business Units areas.

Strategy and Innovation in Financial Services.

Join Stefanini Group in its participation in the 6th Latin American Technology and Business Congress America Digital 2021 and discover one of the world’s leading innovation and transformation solutions companies recognized by Gartner, ISG and Forrester. We are a global company of Brazilian origin. We currently have a presence in more than 41 countries and more than 27,000 employees worldwide. With 33 years of experience in the market, we provide a broad portfolio of automation, cloud, digital banking, industry 4.0, marketing, cyber security, analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions.

With more than 200 stands at Expo America Digital 2021 – 100% online, it will be possible to hold meetings with experts such as Hugo Amado on how technology, software and services can help you optimize production, management, communication, marketing, sales and digital transformation processes.

You cannot miss the exhibition by Hugo Ernesto Amado, a benchmark of Strategy and Innovation in Financial Services for Latin America during the America Digital Congress, so sign up and reserve your tickets with a 20% discount before August 31, here.

Join in and discover the keys of Innovation, Telcos, 5G, SaaS, Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT, Fintech, eCommerce y Digital Marketing with a business applied focus, to do more and better deals.

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