Nowadays, organizations of all sizes have realized the need to make use of technological tools, not only to identify and plan their business objectives, but also to automate processes and enhance the management of their services.

Therefore, digitally transforming the management of services and processes in organizations is a fundamental need. Companies need to increase the efficiency of their operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, save time, among others, while improving the internal/external user experience.

For example, whether the company wants to increase user satisfaction, obtain traceability of changes, understand the current and required capacity of different areas, increase the productivity of service representatives or reduce the number of incidents that impact your business, it is necessary to implement a tool that responds to these needs and many others that the current context demands.

Against this backdrop, Aranda Software has developed a platform that integrates solutions designed for the effective management of business processes and services.

With its participation in the 7th Latin American Congress Technology and Business Digital America 2022, Aranda Software will deepen on how to achieve that the management of corporate services and processes is executed in a comprehensive, unified and automated way to enhance the business of companies. 

In this way, the solution developed by Aranda Software can increase the efficiency of operations and mitigate risks in companies, adapting its operation to the needs of the business to properly structure the design and delivery of services, improving the experience of customers and users, and increasing the quality of service delivery.

Smart city and communication network concept. IoT(Internet of Things). ICT(Information Communication Network).

With the above, it is important to emphasize that this digital transformation driven by Aranda Software seeks to accelerate the management of services and business processes of companies in the region, providing benefits such as: 

  • Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs of service centers.   
  • Improve process cycles and productivity of the areas of the companies. 
  • Increasing the quality of service delivered to users. 
  • To have visibility and traceability to measure performance and make decisions. 
  • Increase user satisfaction through digital experiences (bots, apps, etc).

Therefore, with Aranda Software you will take your company’s IT management to another level, improving visibility, control and efficiency of your IT operations, raising user satisfaction with omnichannel service experiences, increasing the number of cases handled by your service center without growing the current number of people, decreasing the number of incidents that impact your business and much more.

Take your company’s IT management to another level with Aranda Software!