By Carlos Torales, Cloudflare VP, Head of Latin America While the world is analyzing and experimenting with the undeniable potential of AI, it is equally as important to have cybersecurity at the forefront of these conversations and implementations. Looking at the organizations of today, business leaders and decision makers can’t ignore the impact of generative
The transformation process is more accelerated than ever, gone are the days of the journey to the cloud, it is no longer enough to migrate to it, you must go beyond the multi-cloud with the right experts to help us adopt new platforms, in addition, this whole process must be executed with agility to stay
CIOs can finally claim victory in information hide-and-seek with help of AI-powered search technology. Why do companies still struggle to respond to a service complaint, recommend a product, or connect employees with the data they need to make critical decisions? These tasks are critical to retaining customers and engaging workers in a competitive marketplace, yet