AUNA is the first consortium in Latin America to promote an ecosystem for companies of different sizes to create their own private blockchain networks for developing ecosystems and solutions based on this technology.

AUNA was launched in August 2019 as the first consortium in the region with an ecosystem to create and access blockchain-based solutions for the financial market. Its members can easily create applications and ecosystems based on this technology, leveraged by the prestige and technological know-how of its founding members: Santiago Exchange, the Central Securities Depository and GTD Teleductos.

AUNA utilizes the base technology designed and built by Santiago Exchange, which has been in place since 2018 and supports the entity’s securities lending application. It is based on the Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric platform from the Linux Foundation, and today also on Hyperledger Besu. The same technology also led to the 2020 launch of Click&Vote, a remote voting platform for shareholder and bondholder meetings, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to blockchain, Click&Vote offers full data security and traceability for this type of meeting. Both solutions are currently operative and being managed on the AUNA platform.

Since its launch, companies joining the initiative as ecosystem partners are given access to a sandbox testing environment and then can move their solutions into production. As a result, the platform enables them to create new business models based on securely and robustly eliminating information silos with a hallmark of quality and the backing of its founders, while maintaining the privacy of information that characterizes the financial market, as an enabler of solutions.

AUNA’s innovation approach allows companies of all sizes to affordably experiment and build solutions and blockchain networks based on two protocols: Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu. These can be used to develop any type of use case from operational efficiencies to digital assets like the famous NFT.  The ecosystem currently has more than 20 partner companies developing their own blockchain-based applications using the AUNA platform as the base.

Some of the features of the AUNA platform include:

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  1. SDK and Wizard:

The platform for creating solutions and deploying networks in AUNA enables companies to use Wizard and SDK to define the characteristics of a blockchain network to deploy as a consensus algorithm, number of nodes, type of database for off chain data and provides connectors to bring data from legacy systems that can feed smart contracts deployed on this network.

  • Contracting and supplying infrastructure:

Infrastructure is needed for solutions and networks to work. The AUNA platform allows one to contract GTD infrastructure as well as the main public clouds.  In addition, the AUNA stack can be deployed in the client’s own infrastructure to standardize processes.

  • Team management:

Since collaboration is fundamental to achieving development goals, the AUNA platform can be used to create a work team and collectively manage a project.

  • Multi-environment:

More than one production requirement is needed to meet the highest security standards, which is why AUNA allows management of multi-environment solutions, facilitating deployment and transfer among as many environments as needed.

  • Monitoring

Monitoring tools are automatically activated in both the network and block and infrastructure explorers in order to actively monitor every time a solution is deployed, thus facilitating the work of help desks.

In order to broaden its offering, the AUNA roadmap contemplates the possibility of deploying smart contracts in already existing network nodes, a helpful feature for companies wanting to join an existing network instead of managing their own.

For more details on the consortium, see and Auna Blockchain on Linkedin.