Relevance of Data Management and Applications within an organization

Since many organizations today produce an exponential amount of data, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive strategy throughout the entire cycle of the same, the applications must go in the same direction and make synergy, so that together they are elements of differentiation in the organization.

Today, the world is going through various challenges that are challenging organizations to reinvent themselves all the time, and to be able to count on technological leveragers that facilitate this mission;t emas elementary as increasing revenues, reducing operating costs, making internal processes more efficient and elevating the experience of customers and end users.

Therefore, IBC Innovation, Business & Consulting contains a range of integral solutions that give organizations various scenarios of how to efficiently use technological resources, human elemento and processes that are transformational and effective for organizations and thus be able to be more competitive.

With the participation of IBC in the 7th Latin American Congress of Technology and Business Digital America 2022, we will address alternatives about how data platforms and applications enable the improvement of labor flows and operations, in order to generate efficiencies in organizations in Latin America.

Luis Adrián Rodríguez (CEO of IBC), will be present to delve into the latest generation technologies and services, which allow companies to efficiently connect processes, data and people.   As well as explaining how companies looking to grow, increase their profitability and efficiency in the new reality use technology and IT advisory services to achieve this?

Having a productive and effective organization can be transformative for an organization, since it guarantees agile processes and very friendly experience to end users.

All of these benefits can be translated into higher revenues, cost reductions, and a better end-user experience. That is why IBC shares essential tips to enhance the way we operate our business, as well as the use of technological tools.

Data management in an organization

Nowadays, most organizations makeup a large amount of massive data through each of their applications that serve specific processes internally, the big questions are: what to do with that amount of data?   How to exploit them in the best way?  Who and when shouldhave access to them?  , as well as ensuring that records are not  duplicated or partially stored within the information systems of organizations.  Addressing all these questions requires a strategy that considers all the phases of them, from inception to continuous improvement; and be making our model of them perfectible.

Application management vs.  business needs

It is possible that an organization is only taking advantage of its application by an inaccurate implementation, or perhaps we are facing a degree of obsolescence that is more expensive due to security, regulatory compliance or operation issues that have even had to acquire an additional one to be able to cover a business need. Therefore, the Consulting services in business processes aligned with IBC’s IT allow us to make updates and transformational according to business expectations.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology

From events such as the pandemic, war and economic crisis, organizationshave to ensure that business productivity vs operating costs are aligned.  It is a fact that current IT technologies such as cloud, microservices, mobility, etc.  they are issues that every CIO must have on their agenda since they can be the differentiation that the business requires in an environment as complicated as the one we are experiencing. For example, a high processing solution, in real time and “pay-per-use” hosting a high transactional application such as a CRM or some logistics flow, are issues that undoubtedly must be known and evaluated for use in certain topics within the organization.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect live with IBC’s top executives  at the 7th America Digital Congress. Join and discover the keys in advisory services and integral solutions applied to your business.