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What are the opportunities in Latin America for digital development and transformation based on the advances in technology that have rapidly transformed the world? Intel is powered by four superpowers: cloud, 5G-powered connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the intelligent edge. Gisselle Ruiz Lanza, Intel’s regional director for Latin America, will present the fundamental elements to
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What it means to truly democratize Artificial Intelligence for marketing Marketing and marketers have always been versatile, evolving and adapting to changing paradigms. Whether it’s navigating myriad social media, an internet world without cookies, privacy regulations, Big Tech platform changes, or adapting to the latest developments in technology. Today, we are well past the cusp
Jumio will speak about biometrics, ecosystems and identity in the post-covid digital era during his participation in the Congress.  As the digital transaction trend accelerates across Latin America, fintechs, banks, payment companies and other financial institutions must stay ahead of a rapidly evolving fraud and security panorama. In the past, verifying a person’s identity with
  • Aware
Biometrics is a solution that can satisfy the demands of companies for new onboarding and authentication of their customers. An estimated 3.8 billion people currently own a smartphone. With so many mobile devices in use, the way we live our lives has changed dramatically – from connecting with each other on social networks to shopping
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The company is undergoing a technological revolution and is developing several innovative solutions that will be presented during its participation in the Congress. In recent years, digitization has come to play a central role in different areas such as work, education, leisure and services.  This topic will be discussed by Diamcofi executives at its stand
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Companies using this strategy are more likely to retain their customers, according to different studies conducted in Latin America.  According to Aberdeen Group, companies with omnichannel strategies retain 89% of their customers, on average. In recent years, technological advances have had a profound impact on the financial and insurance sector.  And providing an effective omnichannel
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World leader promotes demonstrations at its stand during the event, which takes place on September 7th and 8th. Neo4j, world leader and creator of the graph database category, participates for the first time in the 7th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2022, the largest event of technology and innovation in the
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A good deal of recent content from analysts, vendors, and IT industry experts makes a strong case that most users and digital assets lie outside the physical and logical boundaries of the organization. Although the validity of this assertion cannot be confirmed in absolute terms, it is fair to recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has
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BPAM, the software that allows real-time monitoring of each of the equipment connected to your network. Increasingly, information is shown as a critical and strategic element for the development and growth of the lines of business and operation of companies. In a world where having the information, the right data, at the right time and
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The company presents its multicloud and cybersecurity solutions at the Congress The different changes caused during the pandemic period challenged business and its operational continuity.  During this scenario, digitalization strategy took on greater force, exposing the lack of infrastructure, security, and virtualized remote Access in many companies. In addition, they highlighted the need to reduce