Manish Kapoor CEO (USA), CEO and Founder of Advatix | CEO of Growth Catalyst Group /

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Manish Kapoor is a visionary leader who founded Advatix, leveraging his 25 years of senior leadership experience at renowned companies such as Amazon and FedEx. As the CEO of the Growth Catalyst Group he guides a portfolio of companies that includes Advatix, XPDEL, and Archway. These companies are at the forefront of technology-driven supply chains, excelling in fulfillment solutions and marketing execution.

Recognized for pioneering Amazon’s logistics capabilities, Manish orchestrated key projects like Amazon Fresh and Sunday Delivery in the US.

As an alumnus of FedEx, Manish revolutionized last-mile delivery operations, creating a centralized command and control center for Last Mile with automated route optimization. His early career in the Printing industry witnessed him driving industry transformations, where he collaborated with Xerox R&D to create a groundbreaking commercial digital printing technology.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Manish is driven by a passion for creating financial value for customers through innovative, technology-powered supply chain solutions. His leadership philosophy is centered around leveraging technology to not only streamline operations but also to empower and uplift businesses globally.


Secrets of Successful Digital Transformations

In a world shaped by digital evolution, it’s crucial for CXOs to understand the dynamics of successful digital transformations. Manish Kapoor brings a wealth of knowledge from his tenure at Amazon and various global organizations. This session will delve into case studies from the eCommerce and Omni-Channel supply chain transformations, highlighting key lessons from both triumphs and setbacks. The session will discuss how businesses found ways to transform their businesses model using technology to combat adversities and the Amazon impact and why some businesses failed to keep pace with rapid technological changes.