Oscar Muñoz (USA) Commercial Vice President, Las Americas Euronet Worldwide /

Founder and President of Worldwide Payment Services and Co-Founder and President of UNALTERED Athletics. He is part of the team that invented mobile POS (mPOS) as we know it today. Oscar is a senior executive with experience managing organizations and their technologies on both sides of the electronic payments industry driving sales and innovation for over 31 years. He has been working on the art and science of sales and the people who make it possible at $1 billion+ organizations. He speaks at fintech conferences around the world, usually focused on emerging markets. His qualifications include creating his first independent trade services sales organization at the age of 20, just after a brief tour of duty as an AW-3/A-2 in the US-NAVY, while completing his studies in business administration with specialization in accounting and international business from Florida International University. Additionally, he completed his Master of Business Administration in Accounting with highest academic honors. He is also a promoter of corporate well-being. And a passionate student of health and fitness through different sports disciplines: Mixed martial arts teacher (Shodan in Kumite Ryu Jujutsu), B certified skydiver, weightlifter, professional natural bodybuilder in 3 federations (Musclemania, NGA, ANBF ). Active participant in obstacle races.


Movement of Money at the Speed ​​of Life.

In the last 20 years, the way we move money (pay, receive and transfer) has changed significantly. Euronet, with more than 30 years of experience in the movement of money globally, has experienced how this revolution has driven rapid evolution in the financial industry and has come to share with America Digital cases that demonstrate this rapid evolution (2007 case m- weighs in Kenya to make payments by text message, 2011 Alipay in China payments through QR codes, 2016 UPI in India and 2020 PIX in Brazil) and how the trends of Latin American markets + the new expectations of consumers in 2024, pave the way towards a more cutting-edge, integrated, secure and sustainable banking future, where technology in a digital world that moves at the speed of light is crucial to ensuring finances and expectations fit together seamlessly.