• Konecta

Konecta, the digital solutions company with 25 years of experience presents its new tool at the Congress.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has definitively changed the business world by giving efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness to processes and, above all, by reducing costs and favoring the profitability of companies.

A dynamic scenario that is also enhanced with the introduction of Generative AI, which has caused a revolution in all structures of Total Experience and omnichannel customer management.

These new paradigms will be presented at the 9th America Digital Latin American Congress of Business & Technology 2024.

Next April 10 and 11 you can visit booth A52 on the exhibition floor of the event, in Espacio Riesco.

This Congress will be the sounding board for trends in Big Data, AI, technology, business, Data Science and Total Experience throughout the region.

In this context that Konecta brings forward its customer management models, articulating its Generative AI (GAI) model which provides responses customized to each customer need and profile.

Present users relate with the different interaction channels in a very dynamic way.


It is no longer one channel or the other; the customer makes use of several channels simultaneously.

Such a situation makes it difficult to build up customer loyalty and requires increasingly sophisticated customer experience management tools.

This requires talent, processes and tools that can provide solutions to these needs.

In this area, Konecta achieves surprising results such as a 40% improvement in costs, a 30% increase in sales efficiency and a 35% increase in customer satisfaction.

“Our goal is to be the preferred partner of our customers, adapt to their needs and profit from our knowledge and capabilities to provide personalized services, with flexibility and operative excellence thanks to our Generative AI Acceleration office.

“This tool allows us to go beyond customer management by delivering added value in the information and to create customer relationship strategies”, says Mariano Castaños Zemborain, CEO at Konecta Américas.

Konecta, with its range of Digital Solutions and more than 25 years of experience in Customer Experience, guarantees a smart relationship between customer and companies and brands.

And this is the case precisely thanks to the incorporation of Generative Artificial Intelligence models that customize responses and relationships in different geographies.

Global reach, local twist: We are leaders in most of our markets because we are familiar with the local contexts.

Besides, we have the strength of a global organization that can serve customers with a consistent level of quality and performance.

Global reach, local twist:

+130.000 colaborators

+25 countries

+500 customers

+200 operative centers


Attend the 9th America Digital Latin American 2024 and visit Konecta’s booth. Buy your tickets here.