CanalMobile is a new channel that Colabra wants place in several organizations, as an attractive app for collaborators and for highly efficient enterprises. This is the beginning of your strategic campaign for mobile solutions.


If you forget your Smartphone at home. Would you come back to get it? Certainly, the answer would be yes. Likewise, a survey conducted by CADEM in “El Chile que viene” published on April 2018 supports this claim.


Smartphones have become objects of great need for people and mobile technology has permeated the whole socioeconomic spectrum. We are all connected.


“Therefore, if we look at this small screen for more that 5 hours a day and since everything is simpler and faster from there, and having the elements that can back-up and satisfy the needs of our job as well”. Under the light of this quote Colabra developed the first corporate app of Chile: CanalMobile (watch video)


Following this objective, the current effort of Colabra is to lead strategies for the acquisitions of mobile solutions, in order to provide tools that foster high performance in business.


As an specialised enterprise in corporate websites for 21 years and with a vast knowledge about the internal needs measurements that function in a business, Colabra developed an app that provides collaborators with key elements of support for their duty. At any time, people who consult CanalMobile will have full unified access, they will receive notifications about relevant information, they will access content of personal service (the most demanded human resources inquires) and they will know about the current status of their business.


To external audience, CanalMobile is a tool for contact with customers with data allows them and guides them in a simple and easy way to provide the information needed.


When we are informed and connected, it is possible to save time, improve decisions making and achieve goals faster. durante  4º Congreso Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Negocios America Digital 2018

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